What engine would you suggest for this bike?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by KilroyCD, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. KilroyCD

    KilroyCD Active Member

    I can't get any kind of speed on this bike. Any suggestions as to the right engine kit for this?

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  2. GearNut

    GearNut Active Member

    How about a boxer?

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  3. ibdennyak

    ibdennyak Guest

    I would suggest two playing cards in the spokes. I hear Jokers give the best sound.

    Also, check the air pressure first.....the bottoms of the tires appear to be flat.

    Glad to see you removed the fenders. The vibrations can cause accidents. :detective: :confused:
  4. kerf

    kerf Guest


    Rolling resistance is going to be slightly higher than most bicycles, so I suggest slightly more power than a normal HT. How about something like this.

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  5. eastwoodo4

    eastwoodo4 Member

    :idea:i would start by putting round tires on it.i swear you people make me feel like a genius sometimes!:dunce:
  6. Lazieboy

    Lazieboy Member

    Jet packs

    They'll work.
  7. ibdennyak

    ibdennyak Guest

    :poop:.....now why didn't I think of that.....:idea:
  8. KilroyCD

    KilroyCD Active Member

    What a concept! That would have saved me a lot of trouble as a kid...
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  9. Al.Fisherman

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