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    I have a Schwinn OCC Stingray, and I am trying to find the best 2 stroke engine to go AT LEAST 40mph (faster would be better though). If you could leave a link to some, that would be great. You can also tell some mods to make it go faster, run smoother, etc.

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    I have the Grubee 66cc engine with 44t sprocket on a Mountain Bike. Stock it would do about 30mph.
    Widening the ports, modifying the head for more squish and leaning the carb gave me 44mph max.
    This is about 10,000 rpm and was hard on the connecting rod big end bearing.

    The Schwinn OCC Stingray is not really a bike designed for speed.
    40mph is darned fast on a bicycle, even one with strong frame, big tires, and good brakes.
    Spokes loosen up, bearing burn out, it doesn't stop quick or as controllable as a motorcycle or car.
    I put a lot of miles on at 35-40 mph and have decided to slow down to a more safe speed.
    The speed, compression and rpm are a killer on the engine and wheels.

    I've been a motorcycle rider for 4 decades. I know what it feels like to have flesh grated off by pavement.
    With a full face motocross helmet I have hit hard enough at 30mph to bruise my skull and get knocked out.
    I've watched friends brain damaged forever from lower speed impacts. Remember Richard Branson?
    This was a minor low speed bicycle accident with a helmet.

    Be happy with legal speeds and the ability to climb hills. Sorry for lecturing.

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  3. I bite averages speed of 37 miles per hour. There has been no work done to it whatsoever
    However I do also know what it's like to get some very bad road rash. I was just released from the hospital yesterday
    I was hit by a car from behind and shot over the grass into the sidewalk then into a field! Some drunken ass home with his lights off rear-ended me. My right leg was scraped up looks like a chunk of hamburger meat. Now I am a diabetic so I am prone to infection. So I will end up with something called cellulitis. I was in the hospital for a week they released me for 2 days on antibiotics. My right leg is swelled up so big it look like I had a grapefruit where my cast was. So back to the hospital for another week! Now I am home with something called a PICC line. It's an IV that goes into my shoulder across my chest into my heart. I have to administer myself 3 different bags of IV antibiotics 3 times a day for the next two to possibly 6 weeks!,EVERY FRIGGIN DAY! & I have this damn line which is 14 inches long hanging out of my shoulder that I have to keep under wraps until I'm ready to give myself my next AZ. Road Rash ain't no joke man

    I'd love to go that fast too however I think you're right Steve. I have a Diamondback Outlook Deluxe mountain bike and it is a strong frame and strong Forks, I put tags on it because I had that problem with the spokes loosening up.
    I also have the heavy duty Arch idler chain tensioner, aluminum CNC Billet motor mount. No cheap plastic throttle I have an aluminum throttle. I strip the frame down completely bare and replace bearings with new bearings.cranks/ Forks it's better than new, except for a few Minor Details such as, I need a new rear derailleur and front derailleur which I have acquired just need to put them on along with the new cables that I have.
    While it was stripped down to nothing the frame and forks I painted it hammered black.
    The Lads are very very strong! I totally utterly completely trust them at very high speeds. The seals bearings. And laid in the good OLE U.S of A!,
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  4. OOOOPS! Typo They don't give myself AZ. It's an IV 3 TIMES A DAY What does 14 inch line hanging out of my shoulder going into my arm all the way to my heart just remember that. From road rash. Over 2 weeks in the hospital, Excruciating pain limited activities, Possibly for the next 6 weeks!!!
    EVERY f***ing DAY!!!!!! You have to hang the bag from the IV wreck then you have to flush the IV, Can you hook up the IV to the thing in your arm, Wait about an hour and a half for two empty into you. Then flush the line change the bag to a different antibiotic. Flush the line again, Look up the second bag wait another hour and a half for that one too empty. 10 / that one line again with the saline . Then a final flush of Heparin into the line going from your shoulder to your heart so you do not get blood clots. Wait 8 hours and repeat . I have A2 week supply of all these medicines syringes lines bags, All kinds of sh*t! Because some drunk ass home with his headlights off hit me from behind. I guess you can tell I'm a little bitter about the whole situation
  5. So be careful what you wish for, Or better yet, Be careful what you build make sure you build it strong . Mike bike survived the crash no problem all I got was a dent a little dent in the gas tank and grass all stuck in the pedals handlebars clutch brake handles and the shift derailleur
  6. S.O.B. !!!!!! I just typed in a big rebuttal about everything. Regarding the J-B Weld and sticking and taking the cap off of the carburetor and IT JUST DISAPPEARED! !!!! Now I gotta start all over give me a few minutes
  7. Okay let's try this again, It will not stick to the intake manifold pipe sticking out of the engine block. DO NOT STICK IT TO YHE ENGINE!!!!!!!,

    It will not attach or get stuck to the intake manifold , because I swear that sh*t over the curb I need a mother that I didn't want any air getting in there I even got it all over the cap, underneath the cap once it was traded that is ( basically making it a permanent fixture ) I have removed my card and put it back on three times and the J-B Weld held together and every time removing the cap to get to the barrel and changing the position anything like that you're going to need a diamond tip on a Dremel tool to get underneath that cap and remove that JB Weld. Don't use a one fourth of a tube of JB Weld on it like I did I swear that sucker so you could hardly see it but I heard LOL
    When she has removed enough for the J-B Weld you can grab a pair of pliers and twist the cap on top if need be. Then when she get the cap off you can use different shaped diamond chips or stones from your Dremel to remove excess J-B Weld then ship it off with a very small chisel or with a screwdriver like I did, but leave everything the same where it's going to reattach to the intake manifold will slide right back on and tighten up just the way you had it.
    J-B Weld will not stick to the stainless or the chrome plating whatever they put on there in China. if you have any other questions feel free to ask, I'm using my phone right now I'll be working on my bike in the garage so...............
    And as always
    Be safe,be visable, and most important of all have fun!!!!!