What friction roller gets the best grip on wet ground?

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  1. I have been looking at the Dax kit,Staton kit and the BMP kit(I hear they are out of buisness until late april)....I hear the Staton kit Roller is of poor design and the diamond pattern or whatever groves it has on it wears down fast and slips to much....Is this true?I hear the Robin Subaru engine is the best,but am considering the Titan....The main thing I want to focus on first is getting the right roller kit so I dont have to worry about it slipping alot....I dont mind paying the extra money for a good kit,I just want the best....

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    The only problem with the Staton roller is that it can be a bear to replace bearings.

    The only place that I've seen reports of Staton rollers wearing down fast is where you're running them in winter, and there's a lot of sand being used on the snow/ice. (Alaskavan has had that issue up north, I know.) And, ANY roller in that environment would wear down fast.

    ALL rollers will slip some when they get wet. Just make sure you maintain the tire pressure at a known value (40 PSI or greater,) set the roller pressure correctly, and know to 'feather' the throttle when it's wet. (i.e. no jackrabbit starts!)

    IMO Honda has the best 4-stroke engine, followed close behind by R/S, then the clones. For two strokes, it's hard to beat a genuine Mitsubishi or Tanaka.
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    I wore down a Staton roller, also. here's AlaskaVan's thread, with pics of my roller:
    I ordered my replacement roller with new bearings installed. (pressed on) This is the hard part of the replacement. (changing the bearings.)

    Have you looked into Dimension Edge Kits? They offer a wet weather drive roller that is quick & easy to install. (install as needed)

    Their kit is pricey, but you said:
    more info:

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  4. Thanks for sending me the links,but am still confused about which roller will get best grip and last the longest....