What gas tank styles would you choose???

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  1. gppeej

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    Hello all,

    I'm waiting on a BB80cc kit...but already know that I want to replace the standard common gas tank with something more stylish. I see plenty of home-made examples in the threads. Also, I'm guessing that if there was 10 different tank styles to choose from...that all 10 might find equal popularity.

    My search started by searching for tanks from 1 to 6 liters that would be appropriate. Some classic moped tanks work, and mini chopper tanks look good too. Now, I'm not good at getting pics up, but I'll need to learn. Basically, the mini chopper tanks are small versions of full size chopper tanks and have nice lines. Peanut, coffin, teardrop, streched teardrop, pod, arched pod, etc, are all availible in mini tanks. But...here's where the rub comes in. Since importers for mini choppers and pocket bikes buy containers of boxed units, and rarely buy spare parts or have any spares inventory, most could never even sell me a replacement tank...let alone fill an order for 100 tanks.

    Additionally, classic vintage designs like Cyclone BT, square underbar, humpback, squarebacks, cafes, etc aren't availible at all, except for one off.

    So...I sent out some letters of inquiry to ten tank manufacturers. Most of them were quick to respond. The short of this is:

    They will sell tanks in small batches of 100 - 1000 units.
    They will produce any tank style from pictures or models.
    They will follow provided spec to produce a new style if needed.

    Very cool, the manufacturers are hungry and willing to take small jobs. So, I see a business opportunity here and am actively researching it. I'll admit to having entrepreneurial aspirations, so I am looking for opportunities. Conversly, I like the co-op business structure and firmly believe that "all boats rise with the tide".

    Who wants a different gas tank???

  2. ENO

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    TANKS or just silly hats

    Hi Appeej...like I have said in a previous thread all the standard tanks look like bad fitting hats that everybody bought from the "Bad fitting hat shop". The best I did with the tank I got for the OCC Stingray Chopper was to flame it up and wait to get a better shaped tank that actually melts over the frame instead of the "hat look"..Next time there is a motorbike swap day I am going to buy an old small tank and doctor it up. There must be a really cool Stetson somewhere in a box of junk..Check out my "Flamed Hat"

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  3. Mountainman

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    for a rear friction over the wheel drive
    would be nice to have an add on tank available towards the front
    best looking tanks seem to be the ones extending the top tube
    with that made into the frame look -- as seen on many old motor bikes -- Harley, Indian etc

    for a tank to be used with in frame mounting of engine such as HTs
    lets see some of your ideas
    the ones available at this time -- the old common HT if I may -- are kind of corny looking

    ride the motor bike
  4. gppeej

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    Thanks for the response, I agree. I can see that some 50+ people read the initial post and didn't comment. That makes me wonder if people just don't care, or just aren't willing to lift a finger.

    I'd like for riders to give their opinions on what size the perfect tank would be. Also, at what point does the tank get in the way of peddaling? The manufactures are asking me "exactly what size and shape do you want, we can make anything"

    The tanks I'm looking at are all "tunnel tanks" which means that they fit over the top bar and hang down on both sides of it. I'll go find some pictures and links.

  5. Mountainman

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    sounds interesting there Peej

    those HT tanks seem to be an ok size -- gallons held -- just not the best looking
    they are not bad looking -- as you have probably noticed -- just not fantastic

    if you do get some sharp looking gas tanks made
    I think that you will have some good sells

    if I may
    take you time right now
    so as to get the best looking and priced tanks that you can

    good luck -------------------- ride the motor bike
  6. gppeej

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    OK, here are some pics of mini choppers and some tanks commonly found on 100 and 125cc motorcycles. The mini chopper tanks are generally 2 to 5 liters, and the other tend to be 4 to 8 liter sizes.

    I like classic shapes like the orange tank, but would want it to be slimmer and hold 2 to 4 liters max.


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  7. HoughMade

    HoughMade Guest

    The most important thing is to have a tank with a tunnel so the tank doesn't sit on top of the bar, but around it.

    Something like a Sportster peanut tank, maybe a mini fat-bob (someone has made one...don't remember who), something angular for the really old school crowd (saw that somewhere too...can't remember).

    Not a bad idea, but its a case for an entrepreneur, not the organizing of a tank commune. Go for what you believe in and sell it.
  8. gppeej

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    Good looking bike you built there HM. I like the vintage-look tank. While the 1915 HD, Indian and Cyclone tanks were underbar...yours is much easier to mount and fits more frames. An underbar really only looks good if it is custom fit to the specific frame. It would be very cool to create a trapezoidal in frame tank for beach cruisers that would fill that space...but very hard to get the universal shape that would look good from one brand to the next.(Brent Merkley's custom Whizzer tank or Tatebike's BT from the gallery are beautiful examples) The solution is to go overbar. Imagine the tank from the gorgeous Goldhammer motorcycle below, but in a universal-fit overbar deep-tunnel tank. Magnifico!

    I agree that tanks should have tunnels and that should remedy the "bad fitting hat" syndrome. Plus they'll be more secure and lower the center of gavity.

    I suppose if trying to narrow it down to 4 main designs, I might start with:

    1. A peanut tank that is similar to the current one, but with a tunnel, slightly larger, and without the side seems. 2 liters perhaps.

    2. A streched chopper tank, with a wider tunnel and modern styling. 3 liter size.

    3. A boxy rectangular racer/moped style tank (similar to the Derringer choice) but smaller and 4 liters-ish.

    4. A long thin boxy vintage board track tank with very deep tunnel large capacity.

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  9. skjjoe

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    im going to use a tank off a old suzuki jr50

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  10. kawasaki999

    kawasaki999 Member

    1.2 gal plastic tank from just tanks.com

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  11. mabman

    mabman Member

    $200 bux seems a bit steep for those. I like the aluminum ones though and see a way better value at $130/40 for them.
  12. gppeej

    gppeej New Member

    Nice tanks...definately better lines with those tanks.

    I recieved word back from a few possible sources and think these tanks could come in at a bargain price. The three pics below are good peanut, streched chopper, and classic moped tank choices. Preliminarily, I'd guess near $50 per tank price...retail for a primed and painted tank with cap and a simple petcock.

    The chopper builders would, however, probably like a raw steel "blank tank" for cutting and welding and modifying. The manufs have dozens of differnt caps and taps availible.

    Would $50 be too much???


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  13. kawasaki999

    kawasaki999 Member

    50.00 is a great price! I like the first one, how much fuel does it hold?
  14. aksteverobert

    aksteverobert New Member

    50.00 is a good price

    I would gladly pay the money to get a tank hangs over instead of sitting on the top tube
  15. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Guest

    Hey, I'd buy a tank for $50. I'd like one with at least 4-liter capacity and HT neck so I can use my locking gas cap.
  16. tomaz

    tomaz New Member

    Im in

    I would definitly pay $50 for a pass through tank.
  17. gppeej

    gppeej New Member

    Cool...I thought that would be a reasonable price. I've sent more questions and am waiting for answers.

    I'm going to get some samples and then take pictures and post. Thaks for the encouragement.

  18. lordoflightaz

    lordoflightaz Member


    What kind of capacity. It would be nice to be at 3 or 4 liter.
  19. gppeej

    gppeej New Member

    So far these mini chopper tanks are from 4 to 6 liters. I'd agree that 3 or 4 is pretty ideal. I'm starting by tracking down tanks that are current production. If the demand follows, new MB tank/s models could be sent to the manufs for production.

    Also, they could probably reduce the width or length of the tank as needed. Some have already asked for me to send models so they can quote a price.

    What do you think is the optimal width of the tank should be??? Perhaps 6 inches??? Maximum of 8???

  20. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    I had this one on my deviate :devilish:
    3.3 gal
    at the 2nd deathrace, i was a rolling fuel station for others :cool2:
    was way to big to be practical, but ya gotta admit it looked cool !!!:grin5:

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