What Happened to the Schwionn Jguar

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    What Happened to the Schwinn Jaguar

    Folks, I have been thinking about purchasing a Schiwnn Jaguar for sometime now. Target stores are the only ones in my town that sold them. I looked on their site 2 weeks ago and just a few minutes ago and they don't list them anymore. Has Schwinn discotinued them ? Anyone know ?
    Thanks !
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  2. azbill

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    they have them at my local target
    wally world has a version called the landmark (different paint scheme)
    same steel frame and other parts
  3. Porkchop

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    My local Target store may have them in stock. I've just got a feeling they have been discontinued. Meaning the ones in the stores are the only ones remaining. The Landmark at Wallyworld is about $30.00 cheaper.