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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by iRide Customs, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. iRide Customs

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    about the Motorbicycling.com forum? Have any of the issues been resolved with the other guy?

  2. gone_fishin

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    the issue was, still is, and ONLY is...the copying of our theme and style.

    other than that, all the "investigations" are over. sort of, we still have to be careful about 'dem folks using us to promote themselves...that was happening, an unsavory practice, & very disrespectful. now it's just another forum on the web.

    had paul approached tom and i with his plans to present something unique to the movement, we have always been poised to help start an MB-Ring. didn't happen, he scouted MBc, actively strategized during his time here, gathered a crew, and went to work mimicing our messageboard. he sprung it upon the crowd thru some sneaky links and posts his friends were putting up here, all while he's an active and seemingly participating member of our community. he wasn't trying to "expand the movement" as he keeps telling me in PM, he's trying to steal MBc!!! he called Scottm, our t-shirt guy, he actually tried to recruit him for his staff. i mean...c'mon!

    for it's $click-value$ he'd destroy the genuineness of my artistic-efforts & the social-validity of our movement.

    see? this is ethics 101, has nothing to do with my feelings about competition.
  3. Tom

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  4. gone_fishin

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    when i'm right, i'm right...he's a mercenary lowlife.

    i've put a public alert out here for people to watch for C & P from MBc.

    Tom, please study up on possible future recourse.

    oh, dan...with this new revelation, i think some issues may be re-opening...we'll have to wait and see.
  5. pay for help?

    Hi guys, I think that is peculiar! I could always use money, but can not imagine competeing to be the "best".

    Ohhh pick me, pick me, pick me first! Kindergarden kickball choose-off?

    this is the first time I can remember ever seeing anyone, anywhere giving a prise, and making a competition out of "helping"

    Mike (still here, and advise is still free)
  6. iRide Customs

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    I don't think it's competing to be the best...what would being the best or biggest do for him or us? Maybe he's just giving sponsor $ back to the members? Maybe he is bribing people to stay?
  7. gone_fishin

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    we give it back thru free stickers & reasonable t-shirt pricing...

    guys, he runs forums for profit, he keeps saying "look at my other forums" to prove he's sincere(?)...

    we haven't paid one cent for a post and yet we've become the leading forum...maybe it's MBc's sincerity and genuine promotion of the motorsport that accounts for that?

    he's copied what works, given it a commercial twist, & now he'd like to *******ize our efforts for profit...just not cool. i haven't been there since davo called my attention to the "contest"...i don't look at other forums when i make changes here, i go with my gut and heart.
  8. Tom

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    Lol, and thats the way to do it.

    Having a bunch of websites built in the for-profit category, I hear a lot of talk from webmasters about building for-profit forums. One of the tactics these guys use to entice people to start posting is to have "cash giveaways" for the top posters in a specific time period....
  9. gone_fishin

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    well, "easy rider" just got caught using PM to recruit for the other site, permanent ban...who's next i wonder? that practice is completely bogus, and so is anyone who'd do it.

    buncha jerks...
  10. Tom

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    Maybe we should put up an announcement telling everyone to report users who are sending them unsolicited messages through PM?