What happened?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Skyliner70cc, Oct 2, 2008.

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    seemed like a form of brain washing kids -- to me

    off the subject a little -- PALIN kicked some serious rear end last night
    yes - in the debate she did very well

    and all MB riders should take note --
    most people that race snow machines ect -- such as Palins husband
    also enjoy things such as MBs

    ride that thing Palin -------------------- MM
  3. BSA

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    We deleted all politcal threads. No liberal bias here I can assure you, unlike just about everywhere else.

  4. What happen to the thread regarding the stock market.

    Instead of deleting the Fewer Political remarks it looks like the entire post was deleted.
    I thought the Post regarding the stock market was a great post.Nicely placed in White Zone, our off-topic area .

    It had nothing to do with politics.
    But it did have a lot to do with everyone's Money.
    Don't get me wrong i love Motors and bicycles
    Some time its nice to share today's views and topics with some newly found friends .
    Its to bad I was really enjoying that post.



  5. Mountainman

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    yes - the stock market thread was interesting
    maybe some in other than the US did not think so
    but if wanted they could have also posted regarding their stock market
    all of these stock markets affect each other

    White Zone -- our off topic area ------- IT'S A GREAT IDEA

    Ride That Thing Mountainman
  6. BSA

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    politics/ economy/ stock market. pretty much the same thing, all politically related.

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    Noted, it's been restored.
  8. Mountainman

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    that is cool

    and we do appreciate the ones who keep an eye on this site

    remembering that the main thing is to

    Ride That Thing --------------------------- MM
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    Awesome, in the spirit of removing all political threads, I'll keep my eyes out for threads that support riding bikes as a way to reduce so called global warming.

    I don't see why the thread were deleted. No one is force to read the threads in that particular sub-forum.
  10. Thank you.


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    It's a start.
    Who's for restoring the other "lost threads" in the woodshed?
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    I had to show incredible self-restraint the other day. There is a fake Sarah Palin adult situational video on break.com. The actors are fully clothed but in suggestive positions and actions. It is hilarious but I didn't post a link to it for obvious reasons.