What happens when you hit a car at 60 mph


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Jun 23, 2008
I doubt many of you can go that fast, but I thought I would share this experience my son had this morning on his motorcycle, when he hit a car on the highway going about 60 mph. The car was not moving. Thank God for protective clothing.


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I am so glad your son is OK - or at least only a little banged about.

I am sure everyone on here sends their best wishes for his recovery and your peace of mind... build him an MB that might slow him down a little :)

I think the helmet pictures were the ones that affected me most. I, as soon as I have any spare money will be investing in a bike helmet suitable for the speeds I ride (30 or so) - bones can mend, brains cannot..

best regards

Jemma xx
wow. I'm glad that he wasn't hurt any worse than he was. It was good that he didn't lay the bike down. Often times, that's not a good decision.
The highway scares the shat out of me when I'm on my MC. Glad he's alright, he got really lucky considering the speeds involved.
Glad you son is OK!
Even at 20mph you need a GOOD helmet and gloves.
It is not the road rash at low speeds (but the impact) if there is one.

Be safe folks

He was very,very lucky, to escape major injury,when riding his motorcycle my son had someone pull onto the road just ahead with no place to go,he catapulted over the hood and ended up with broken femur but fortunately escaped head injuries,wore leathers, gloves &full face helmet.Crowded major highways are death traps ,I avoid them like the plague when on my MC.