What have you folks done to me!!!!!!

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  1. I've been studying the cruiser section of Wal-Mart, looking at the wide white wearin' beach cruisers that they've been offering and I've always threatened to my wife that I should build one like an old cruiser motorcycle. She has always shrugged it off and dismissed me as a harmless tinkerer with hopes and aspirations, misguided or not.

    Well, then I come across this forum. Why did you guys do this to me!!????? I'm purchasing a men's Delmar bike this weekend and I'm studying a BUNCH of old Indian photos to pick up some of the cues that would just make it cool. My son and I just went out today to do some comparing and we decided on the Delmar bike because it has the most to offer and, mostly, it already has black frame. That is important. I'll be painting the fenders and stuff and doing a few other things to make it more "authentic" but I'm so freakin' excited about getting started on this thing, it's unreal.

    Now, this may get me in trouble here but, I was actually surprised how economically someone could put together a really cool bike! I've dabbled in Corvettes for a few years and man, 300 dollars was the buy-in price for about any part, even used! I'm planning on having not much more in this bike, motor and all! We'll see what it turns out to be but I'm ready to get started.

    Here's what I will be starting with. I'll be attacking this job in stages. The plan for the first stage is to get the bike, paint the fenders and stuff and re-assemble the bike with some other goodies that I've located.

    Now, should I continue to post the build-up here or is there a better place to do such a thread?

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  2. fetor56

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    G'day & welcome.
    Search & read as much as u can man,particularly about brakes & fenders.
  3. The wish list includes a front wheel with a drum brake set up and a springer front fork. I see a lot of chromed ones but I'm wanting to get a black, painted springer front. Does anyone know where I can get one? Everyone that I've looked at online has them in chrome. Too shiny for what I'm going after. Here's a picture of my inspiration.

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  4. ibdennyak

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    Woah, is that an Indian military transverse twin?
  5. Uh, yeah, well, I won't be using THAT engine. LOL.

    Have to settle for a single slug. But, it should still be quite cool.
  6. Turtle Tedd

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    Del-Mar..good strong steel bike ..used it for my first frame mount build..
  7. My son and I went to the store and checked out the bikes there. This one had several reasons why we chose it. the lady working in that area looked at us quite differently as we were twanging the fenders, checking out the frame and taking some measurements. We contemplated the benefits of this one over that one, which one had more bennies and of course, this frame was black. She looked at us like, "Uh, the WHOLE bike is black!" Funny. Didn't tell her why. Now I'm sure we're some of those wild and crazy customer storires that flow their way around the break room at Wal-Mart!
  8. Turtle Tedd

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    when I got mine at Wal-mart they looked at me kinda funny to..I guess because I took it for a ride inside the store...there wasn't hardly anybody in there ..so up and down a couple of isles I went.
  9. mauicruzer

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    you can get the black springer front end one at spooky tooth
  10. azbill

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    welcome :)
    agreed...I got my black springer from spookytooth :cool2:

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  11. District41

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    seat post

    AZBill, where you get the bracketed seat post? Love the springer too.
  12. Dobroknow

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    Did You & Your Son Finish the Indian/Schwinn...???

    Hey Motorbike Wannabe-
    Did you finish the Delmar ?
    I love the builds that look like vintage cycles.
    Check out my "Micargi Rover" in the Picture Gallery .
    I was definately going for the old-school motorcycle style .
    I have an old chrome headlight that i haven't mounted yet .

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  13. Dobroknow

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    Your "Andian"...

    i just found pix of your " Andian " . awesome . love the full fenders .

    now i really want your opinion if my micargi rover custom .
  14. Dobro,

    I looked at that bike in some of my "investigations" for another bike to do. Yours looks great. I should have mounted my taillight higher like yours. I have an incandecent bulb in it and after riding for a while, the wire separates and the light goes out. It comes back on every once in a while so the wires must just be barely touching. I think that if I mounted it up on the rear rack, it might not vibrate as much.

    I've got about 1500 miles on the Andian and it's been running great. I can hear the engine loosening up a little and getting a little noisier so I'll probably have to address that soon. I've had a lot of fun with it.

    I've noticed now that Wal Mart has some new bikes in this year. There's some nice looking ones! And, they've got wider rims and thicker spokes! If I didn't just pick up a bike for $5 at a yard sale, I'd REALLY be confused as to what to build. Enjoy that Micargi Rover!
  15. AussieSteve

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    Like the rest of us, you did it to yourself. Don't blame others.
    1500 miles is pretty good. I've done 900 miles now, counting both bikes, electric and ICE.
    Fun, aren't they?
  16. Dobroknow

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    what to build next ...

    Yeah , MB wanabe , I too have an incurable yard-sale habit and a basement full of potential projects . i got the micargi on craigslist . i have a steel-frame mt. bk. , that i want to make into a SBP shift-kit bike .
    i just can't build them and sell them fast enough . lol .
    thanks for your feedback .
  17. There are about 5-6 other guys riding around on these things since Christmas of last year and still growing. We're thinking of building loaner bikes for friends who might want to go on trips with us but don't have bikes. Here's one that I'm thinking of building next. I've got my $5 yard sale bike and a kid's bike that no one really rides. Hmmm?

    Im thinking about calling it a Dirt Squirt. :helmet:

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  18. GearNut

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    Be careful now, Hodaka has that name copyrighted, and yes they are still in business.
    Just a die hard group of folks that keep the legend alive.
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  19. Yeah, I definitely wouldn't want to market them as such. I noticed that some kids just down the street have another bike just like this so maybe I won't have to butcher up this one. We'll see if they want to get rid of it.