What have you used your accessory wiring for?

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by Snarfu, May 31, 2012.

  1. Snarfu

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    I'm hoping to find something awesome to power with the accessory wiring on my bike. Who's got a good idea?

    So far I've managed to power a blender designed for onboard marine power.... drove 25 miles and made margaritas on a warm day.

  2. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    Kill switch.
  3. Snarfu

    Snarfu Member

    Already have one of those- no accessory wiring needed.
  4. Anigai

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    i have a few random ideas.

    1. toaster.
    2. a juicer for juiceing fruit.
    3. a completely pointless front facing camera and mini lcd screen to see whats ahead of you when you dont want to look up.
    4. same as 3 except the camera is on the back to see whats behind you.
    5. an electric toothbrush or shaver for those days when you wake up late for work.
    6. you could tie a kite up with it and try to fly it.
    7. and in case thats all to much for you then a good idea could be just a normal set of lights lol
  5. Big Red

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    White Wire

    WHAT? darwin, NEVER hook up the white wire for a kill switch. I know, I know, The factory instructions tell you to do it this way, But what that does is create a direct short to the coil lessening it's life. The better way is to simply put one wire to black, the other wire to blue. This diverts power from the CDI instead and saves the coil. Most people just cut the white off, I do. Ask around, I think most will agree with me on this.
    I never use the white wire for anything. Some use it to run some very small LED's for lights, drawing only small amounts of power from it. Doing something like that is not creating a direct short.
    Big Red.
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  6. loquin

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    IF the short condition existed for long periods (several minutes of time) the coil could heat up enough to cause problems. But for the short time that a kill switch is used, there shouldn't be any appreciable loss of life with the coil. There's not any real cumulative effect, unless the coil actually overheats to the point that the shellac-based wire insulation actually starts cooking off.
  7. Big Red

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    Why take a chance? Ya gotta know that shorting out ANYTHING can't be good for it. And going to the black and blue wires is just as easy and works just as well.
    Even running a small LED from the white wire is actually still a direct short, just such a small drain that it probably won't hurt a thing.
    You're the first long time, Knowledgable person on any M.B. forum that I've seen advocating using the white wire for anything, except in a very few cases where an LED or other small appliances were used that create very little drain on the system.
    Big Red.
    P.S. Did anyone notice I changed my avitar? It kinda looks like me.
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