What HP/size are your motors?


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Jul 23, 2008
I'm asking this because I'm researching some small engines that I found that I might use for my MB. I'm trying to find something that will be powerful and fun without going overboard. I just would like info and specs on what motors you used and maybe the weight of your ride. Thanks in advance for any responses.
Tanaka PF3300 from GEBE rated at 1.6hp.
Rider = 190lbs
Bike = 40lbs including motor. Diamond Back mtb.
Same as above rated 1.6hp with addition 2% nitromethane mix

bike weight approx 50lbs + Engine

ahem... you never ask a lady her weight lol

Jemma xx
Meh, I just assume everybody's around 200 lbs like me! Anyways, it does help out a bit. Thanks guys.

Hi I ride 138 Whizzers, the 49cc HS, and have ridden most all of the 2-strokes, and I weigh 275 lbs.

No problems, tho I like the Whizzer's the best.

robin Subaru 33cc (4 stroke) 1.6 hp. I weigh aprx 215 and my bike is on the heavy side (50+). I keep it under 20 because of Arizona state law (sometimes I pop above 20 but I slow down as soon as I notice for the most part). If you want to cruise at 20 mph and you and your bike weigh 270+ this is a great little engine. If you want to cruise at 30+ look elsewhere. It is perfect for my purposes. Oh I have it on a GEBE.

I also have a friction drive with a Honda 33cc (gx35) 4 stroke from Staton. Not as much torque or power (may be due to drive train but I suspect that it is a lesser engine).
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Riding a Raleigh Mojave mountain bike with a Subaru 33cc - 1" friction drive. My weight 195 lbs the MB 50 lbs -- total somewhere around 245 lbs. I agree with astring above - for a ride around 20 mph - works fine. Happy Riding from - Mountainman
Honda GXH50 CC lil mighty mite! 2.5 hp and Ive been over 30 mph and havnt full throttled it yet, no need to. This is on a long flat too.
220 lbs.

Honda GXH50 - 2.5 hp (or 2.1 depending on what you read)

over 30 mph every ride, sneaking up on 40 mph. but possibly over-reving as I do not have a governor.
340 pounds

Mitsubishi TLE43 2.2 HP 2-cycle, Staton Friction Drive, with 1.125 roller.

I have a top speed of about 28 MPH, decent acceleration, but, like astring, I normally keep it 20 MPH or below.