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    My name is Matt. I have been riding motorized bikes since 2009. I have done various builds on various vehicles. I still need help from time to time and that's precisely why this forum exists. I wanted to share what I've learned. I know that it is extremely important to seal your electrical system. Clean it with alcohol and make the bead of red high temp etc on your magneto cover. I used to get irregular spark every time I had to get to work in the rain. Now I can ride in severe storm warning weather with no problems. Usr a b6hs if you have a stock engine. I noticed a huge improvement. Make your chain as short as possible. It will be slot easier on your tensioner setup. Get rid of your kill switch. Why would you ever need to stop your engine on purpose. It does that by itself on occasion. Seal your air leaks. Learn how to do a plug chop. Check your head bolts at minimum 6 times over a 2 week period on a new engine every 3 days after the first 4 half an hour rides. Do this daily on the first 5 rides. Use a torque wrench and tighten to 13 ft pounds.