what if the motor is 60 to 80 cc

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    here is my question I'm getting a motor for a bike I see that I can buy a 60 to 80 cc motor for my bike where under the law does that put me then. I'm I still riding a moped under the florida law any bicycle with a motor 50 cc or less is a moped so if I put a 60 to 80 cc motor on there what is it clasified as then.:confused:

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    A motorcycle.
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    motorcycle, it is the same here in PA.. its a real bummer knowing someone can buy a moped and it can go like 40mph. and any moped i build should buy law, not go over 25? regardless of ccs.(must be under 50cc to de legal still) i dont think the state likes when people find ways around becoming another tool paying a million dollars a your for a car!..

    i look at it like this, i pay alot of money each year in taxes. to fix reads, state buildings and all the great things they do with my money. so why cant i ride my bike on the road. unless it is a pile, and wont even pill me up hills? errrrrrrrrrrr:shout:
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    state laws vary on how motored bikes are classified, and that includes whether or not they need to be titled, registered, insured, etc. Here in Wisconsin, the law is probably about as lenient as it gets here in the States-- a bicycle with a motor is merely a "motor assisted bicycle" if it is not capable of more than 30 mph and does not require ANYTHING more than a basic driver's license.... no title, insurance, plates, etc.
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    Hi wmgoethe! You might look here for disscussions about laws in your state: http://www.motoredbikes.com/forumdisplay.php?f=76

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    60 -- 80 cc China 2-stroke

    I would like to spark some discussion here. And, If we can, we should move to the general discussion area. I have been here quite a while...and something tells me that when the Chinese list a 2-Stroke as 80cc, it is really about 60cc. It had something to do with the way each was measured, but I don't quite remember the particulars. I'm sure someone else does. Please, someone else chime in,,,set this matter straight.
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    Here is a discussion in progress on the 66/80 cc question. http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?t=8779

    As far as the OPs original legal question, the link to laws and legislation would be a good place to start.

    Good intro wmgoethe.....seems you have sparked discussions on many other subjects.