What information do you track?


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6:10 AM
Apr 30, 2008
Boynton Beach, Fl
Hi all,
Just wondering, besides tracking your mileage, what else do you write down about your bike, or rides, or maintenance, or fuel mix, etc.?

Personally, I like to record when I ride, where I went, how far, how the motor worked, what fuel mix. I also like to record when I fill my tank. Also when I do maintenance - what I've done, when I should do it again, etc.

Hmmmm....say there's a member of MBc, that owns a software company, that would like to create an application for everyone to use to track their info....What would you all like to see?
Probably should measure BUT

Much too A type for me. No speeometer or odomter and I am not sure how much gas I put in after a ride because I don't measure it. Not very much. So when I tell someone 180 mpg or 200 or 140... I made it up. :D