What is a good 4 cycle engine new under 400 dollars?

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by Abc111, Sep 2, 2008.

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    They are out of stock until September so you have plenty of
    time to investigate......

    Thats pretty much the only 4 stroke kit (Grubee ) that mounts in frame thats
    worth having
    There is another one with the same Chinese engine but a different gearbox (J L Hoot ) that is available now and is cheaper but I wouldn't want it.

    There are 35 cc 4 stroke friction kits as a rack mount for about $400
    Most other rack mounts will be more money
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    Thanks.Oh, and I dont have a drivers licence yet nor have i attempted driving any vehicle with a clutch.Its a little embarrassing, but how does driving a bike with a clutch work?
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    The 4-stroke kit you linked to uses a centrifugal clutch so all you do is pedal a few revolutions and then away you go with the throttle.

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    I haven't bought anything from them, but, this vendor appears to make friction drive kits (less the engine) for a pretty reasonable price. The kit is similar to Staton's. The total price should be about $400 for a Honda engine from smallenginewarehouse & the drive kit.
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    If you can get the real Honda engine- it's worth it. I bought that exact engine from Small Engine Warehouse- no complaints....in fact, the exact opposite- accolades a'plenty.
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    hi Abc

    saw the parts to that kit you are considering
    are you up for putting all of that together ?

    you know - for a sure fire easy MB - build

    that Station Co friction drive at just a little over 4 hundred
    fast easy install -- easy to ride ---- clutch thing

    Happy Riding from - Mountainman