What is a good solid cruiser bike frame to build on, that I could get from ebay?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by powerstroke, Feb 27, 2014.

  1. powerstroke

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    See pic, that is the sort of bike that I would like to create. If there one like it even thicker then all the better. Also I am a tall person so i dont want to look like im riding a grasshopper (small bike). It resembles a cafe racer type of motorcycle, which I like.

    Are the even any thick framed bikes available in australia or are they all the crappy huffy bikes on ebay for 100 dollars?
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  2. darwin

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    Ebay goods are shipped and bikes don't do well in the care of others. Try a pawn shop. Ever think of a GT frame from sites that advertise on here? Those are nice frames and the fuel tank is built in...............good luck.
  3. powerstroke

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    Hi Darwin, a GT frame sounds like a good idea, are you able to give me a pointer to a site where I could get one? I don't know where to start looking. Thanks.
  4. Nevada

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    Hey Darwin, try searching "Micargi" on ebay. Pretty cool bikes. A lot of them have that old school style frame that would make for a pretty cool looking board tracker.
  5. powerstroke

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    I cant seem to find any of these for sale in Australia.

    I am especially interested in the Fito Modena GT, however only american sites offer them.
  6. Bzura

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    The Fito brand is an exclusive of BikeBuyes.com They sell them directly to the public, and they also sell them wholesale to other bike shops. I don't know if they export them to Australia, but maybe if you're friendly with a local bike shop owner they would consider getting one in for you.

    I've built several of the Modena GT's & Modena Sports. They are great, solid bikes.
  7. powerstroke

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    Ive edited main post. The feedback so far has been good guys, the modena is just not available in australia I cant find it anywhere.
  8. Noriegad88

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    Fito Modena GT

    I just got a fito Modena gt in the mail from bike buyers, took an hour to get everything together. I can say I am very pleased and the bike is very well built and light. Welds are very nice and clean. Paid $310 shipped. Now waiting for my kit to start my build