What is that dog thinking when he leaps to chase you?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by professor, May 16, 2012.

  1. professor

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    My buddy just went down on his dual sport bike trying to out ride a couple of big dogs in rural dirt road. Says they seem to go for the tires. He didn't want them in his spokes and cause an endo.
    Anyone ever psychoanalize a pooch?
    I know harley guys that shoot them when chased.

  2. james65

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    It's all in the chase!
  3. grinningremlin

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    First, I'd say it's a territory thing, second it's fun for them, and third pure ol' stupidity.I know of two dogs that chase and have been hit by cars, and they still want more seeming to forget.The drag on the bike for me is, my throttle is on the right, I'm right-handed, and the dogs always come from the right because of the convenience of road-rules.So I'm left with the decision, stop and fight (I always carry a people/dog beater) or hit the gas and outrun them.
  4. Dankoozy

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    This is how you get rid of dogs chasing you . Would only try it on bikes with no engine though, too costly otherwise
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  5. Ludwig II

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    I've been on a C50 Honda in the past when a local dog thought it was fun to chase me when I was starting off. I got angry one day, stuck the left footrest on the ground and spun the bike round and charged at it. The dog ran round the back again, I spun it round again, charged again. The dog seemed to lose heart after that and never did it again.
  6. roughrider

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    Dog Polo

    I have a shoulder bag in which I carry my bike tools and spare tube, but it has a nifty little flashlight holder. In that, I carry a small, collapsable baton. It's not light and possibly illegal in California. I have not had to use it on a dog.


    I used to use my bicycle pump, but that, I found, is harder on the pump than it is on the dog. I'm pretty mellow, but I have no problem maiming an animal that take a nip at me.

    As to what goes on in their minds? What goes on in the mind of a dog who chases a vacuum cleaner? Possibly it is a genetic memory of the hunt which has been confused.