What is the best 4 stroke engine?

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  1. Beachragz

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    I would like feedback from experienced users, on which brand/model of 4 stroke engine is the most user friendly and best running?

  2. bakaneko

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    I would love to know that as well (I'm 2-stroke guy). My impression is that all of the 4 stroke engines out there are Honda clones but maybe there is something different. Then, there is also the 79cc Predator build where you can use parts from the 212cc kit to complete.

    In case, I chicken out on my 125cc build I would most likely make a nice 4-stroke cruiser. o_O
  3. KCvale

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    The first and most important thing to consider is what you want to use for a transfer case.
    That is the part that bolts to the engine to house the centrifugal clutch and initial gear reduction.

    There are two transfer case types.
    The type for long 5/8" shaft engines that have no clutch, and the short tapered shaft clutch attached engines.

    It is all about where the clutch bell goes.
    On a long shaft the clutch bell rides on a bushing on the spinning output shaft.
    I loath this type and simply won't build with them.

    I like a transfer case for the short tapered shaft engine with the clutch attached, and the transfer case has the bell on it own shaft supported by a pair of bearings to isolate the bell.

    I like the Huashengtaishan (HS) 142F-1G 49cc and HS 144F-1G 53cc engines.
    The -1G indicates they are short tapered shaft clutch attached engines.

    And a Skyhawk adjustable belt drive 4G transfer case.
    Nobody builds them better.

    Beware, there is some real crap out there...
    gasbike.net is infamous for this.
    Their kit includes the fine 142F-1G engine though it's the non-EPA approved version, but an XHD #35 chain drive reduction you can't adjust.
    In short, as the sprockets and chain wear in the chain gets loose, bangs around and finally breaks.

    I have bought a couple gasbike kits when they were on sale and just threw the XHD's in a box and bought 4G's to replace them with as the throttle and gas tank were worth it.

    In my experience, I have built over 25 4-strokers http://kcsbikes.com/KCsBuilds.asp?motor=4-stroke&Drive=All
    Stick with the HS -1G and one of of 4G based adjustable belt drives and you'll be happy, I sure have been.
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    what about going with a bigger Huashengtaisha? Would they also be easy to mount?
  5. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    Most any 4 stroke engine of the HS type mount to a flat plate with 4 holes.

    I if you want a big 4-stroke go with a motorcycle engine, just use a frame suited to the purpose, like a MotoPed.



    A full suspension dirt bike frame... with pedals.
    It takes a Honda H2 engine mount.
    That engine was a 4-stroke PCC Motors 147FMF 88cc.

    $2K+ for the bike, ~$120 for the 3 speed engine.

    It would fly, that's for sure.

    I find the tamer more legally accepted ~50cc range engines to be more than enough power on bicycle when you use it's own gears in the power train.


    With an internal 3-speed rear hub it jumps off the line in 1st from a dead stop well, climbs hills well, and tops out around 40mph in 3rd.

    I have built most every type of MB over the years.
    Dollar for dollar this even beats out electrics for just flat ease of use, reliability, ease of maintenance, distance, and just plain old fun, mostly because of the cost and distance issues with electrics is all.

    Here is a shot of the build I am working on now while it is easy to see the drive train.


    It has the larger HS 144F-1G 53cc engine at the start of the drive train, my 10G KCK long shaft conversion of the Skyhawk 4G model B 5:1 reduction 20 tooth - 100 tooth freewheel bearing pulley transfer case, a 2 sprocket freewheel SBP bottom bracket setup, and a Sturmey-Archer RX-RK5 5-speed internal shift disc brake hub at the end of the train.

    Gears change everything.

    I just devised a better power transfer system is all.
    2 easily adjustable chains and a belt.
    One you can still easily pedal even with the engine off ;-}

    Anyway, I ramble...
    Just sharing my vision and projects of what I find ideal for the masses transportation needs.
    If you like the concept let your Do It Your Self juices flow like I did as I couldn't be more pleased with this creation ;-}
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    all are really nice motored bicycle builds. How is the 5 speed holding up and why not go with the 8 speed? Just curious if anyone has every tried the SA 8 speed hub.

    Are those 3 inch tires on the red bike and what forks did you use on the red bike? Also how does the rear brake go though the frame? Is there built in holes in the 150? Also how would fit an 88cc motor on a bicycle frame or a 150 frame?

    Another curiosity for me is, what do you think of the KTMC 49cc thatsdax motor that is listed on their website. I have heard others rave about it, but I am not sure they don't have a vested interest in promoting it.
    Your like the Da Vinci of the bicycle world.
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    I've had good results with my 4 stroke Honda GX35. Doesnt go anywhere as fast as the 2 strokes but it's reliable & runs very clean. It can top at about 25 mph to 30 mph on a good day. On avrage I go between 15 & 20 mph to go easy on my mounting setup & other parts of the bike itself. Always driving it at full throttle can beat the hell out of it especially on bad roads. Because I drove my bike at higher speeds over a few bad roads I now gotta replace my freewheel cassette.
  8. mrbg

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    Hey do you sell 4 stroke Kit's I was on your website,but it was being updated. I'm changing over one of my bike's to a 4 stroke with shift kit
  9. KCvale

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    No, I'm not going to be selling basic part kits and engines any time soon, my sister-in-law moved in to my 500sf parts/shipping room and ruined all that.

    What I will be offering later this year is Complete KC's Kruisers Custom 4-stroke shifting builds, bike and all, like this...


    ... In whatever color you want, with any special things you want like this ones shock fork, built and test rode, then broken back down into 3 boxes for cheap shipping and ridiculously easy re-assembly.

    I am talking under an hour alone, 20 minutes with a helper as everything is already so perfect the engine mount holes are actual holes, not slots, the cables and drive all nice, in short what you'd buy if you lived next door to me but wanted to at least turn some wrenches and rightfully say you built it ;-}

    It's certainly a small market, but an important overlooked one for too long I think.

    Simple to operate, safe, reliable, legal transportation 'in a box' , 'some assembly required' as it were for ~$1500.
    Not everyone that looks at MB's is a hobbyist.

    A few people out there just really want something cool, fun and easy to maintain to get around on and this is what I came up with as my favorite thing for that ;-}
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  10. Chuck lew

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    That I good advice I have seen some of your bikes they are really classy . Looks like true quality and thought goes into each one. I am new at motor kits have a two stroke but am considering getting a four. Cause I commute and feel like I am constantly fixing and replacing parts. Is this just part of the deal with bike Motors in general or is it just the two strokes.
  11. bakaneko

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    In my opinion, 4-strokes are more reliable with little maintenance. The difference between the HuaSheng 4-strokes is the transmission. I have the cheapest gas bike one and even that is reliable once I put in the chain guide.

    Thus far after 1500 miles, excluding the variable transmission, the only thing I had to replace was clutch pad and springs, which you can get for $6 and $0.50 from eBay (I have the link posted in another thread). I bring springs along with me and tools incase a spring breaks when I'm riding.

    2-strokes are reliable but you need to really understand and maintain the engine. I feel 4-strokes is a little more hands off.
  12. KCvale

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    Thanks for the Kudos Chuck.

    As bakanko mentions above, the only real difference in a 4-stroke is the transfer case.

    There is some real junk out there.
    Which is also true for whole 2-stroke kits.

    2-stokers can be a fine reliable power plant if you treat them right and start with quality parts, just not as good as a 4-stroke power plant, all it wants is a good transfer case and I have spent the the last 2 years getting that perfected ;-}
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    I'd be interested in something like that but I'm two thirds of the way there with my current bike. Thanks for the info on the engines and transfers