What is the best carb?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Masor, May 15, 2011.

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    I'm looking to get a new carb for my bike because the old one took a dump. What is the best carb out there on the market?

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    for me an old NT

    I have had three carbs since I started this hobby. The first and third on ether flooded my motor or did not work at all. the second one is the one that I am using right now. it is a simple NT carb with a small size chamber. I am also using the manifold that came with that particular carb because its made out of a cast piece of aluminum instead of the bent/welded sheet metal one that came with the motor.

    the gas mileage I get out of this carb is over a hundred miles a gallon, where I would get less than half that out of the "upgraded" one that came with the new engine.

    the motor I am currently using is a Skyhawk 66 and I am petty happy with it so far, other than the chain broke, the CDI was defective and the carb flooded the engine its worked out grate.

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    Gen B is garbage - the one with the red air filter cover. Honestly, I think the other one is a Gen B just with a different air filter - as the original CNS carb had a squared black air filter cover.

    You wanna ask me which is better?

    I'll put one from the same retailer.
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    ive put a pit bike carb on my bike. i had to make a manifold for it, but now im getting just under 57kph. 50 was fast b4.