What is the best chinese frame mount 2 stroke

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    I have steered clear of these throw-away engines, but now find myself wanting to make a light-weight fast bike using a shift kit and a nexus 4 speed hub. After surfing through all the propaganda it seems to me that 66 cc star fire (needle bearings in the wrist pin and chrome liner in the cylinder) might be the best choice. Any of you 2 strokers out there have any advice as the best chinese 2 stroke motor as far as reliability and performance goes. I see on the grubee site that gen lll angle fire is due soon, anybody know where I can find one of those ? thanks

  2. wbuttry

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    they are all bought the same motor just different name .and maybe a different spark plug location. you need a good 4 stroke for what you want a lot more torque and better reliability . but as long as it is a new motor and you break it in carefully. they all will work well for your needs . lots of oil =s happy customer and less breakdowns after you break it in and during break in just my 2 cents...