what is the best "sponsor' 80cc motor kit

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Mattdps2, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. Mattdps2

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    I'm making my first bike and im looking for the best 80cc kit that sponsors make.. I just really want something that's most reliable because its my first bike and I don't want tons of problems I need to fix every time I ride it fast fast fast is also good... I have checked all the sponsor sites myself but i value the communities opinions :bowdown:

    also looking at a shift kit because its going on a schwinn stingray 1971 with a 5spd suicide shifter on it and i think that getting that hooked to the engine might be the coolest thing I have ever seen... how hard do you think the shift kit will be to install for some one who is intelligent and good with there hands but has never built a MB before?

    :tt1: http://www.firstflightbikes.com/smanta.jpg :tt1:

  2. Mattdps2

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    well i wanted the New 2010 SkyHawk GT5 Angle Fire 80/66cc Bicycle engine kit and was going to get it from pirate cycles i think but they where out of stock so I found it here


    What do you think is this a good place to order from? What upgrades should I add to this to make it run better? it looked like pirate cycles had tons of upgrades im just wondering witch ones have the best effect/ should I get first
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  3. i like sickbikeparts.com they have ben really go to me and they have some good shift kits iv ben loolking that
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    I too, have the exact same questions as matt. I emailed piratecycles a week ago, inquiring about their stock. They did not respond.
  5. Mattdps2

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    Grubee Race 80/66cc Black SkyHawk Angle Fire Bicycle Engine Kit is what im getting from Piston bikes.com but idk whats the diff between that and the super rat other then 20 bucks
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    hmm.. nobody has bought a 80cc kit from a sponsor here lately?