What is the farthest you have ridden on a single trip and total bike miles to date?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by jhammondcpa, Oct 4, 2014.

  1. jhammondcpa

    jhammondcpa Active Member

    I have been riding regularly since May 2014 and for increasing longer durations but never further away from home than 10 miles and I now have 350 miles logged. I never wanted to get any farther away than I would like to pedal and this happened on my first 2 mile trip. I also discovered that the bike was a bit to heavy for a conventional rear bike carrier. So until I can safely and comfortably transport my bike back on longer trips, I'll stick to my pedaling limit of 10 miles. Let me know what you think and your mileage data!

  2. Bonefish

    Bonefish Member

    The longest/furthest I have been on a single trip from home has been 328 miles on a MAB. I didn't ride it back.
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  3. jhammondcpa

    jhammondcpa Active Member

    That is more than my total miles and more than my on board fuel supply! My first breakdown was a rear flat tire and just 2 miles from home, but it is a heavy machine to drag for 2 miles! Thanks for info!
  4. Bonefish

    Bonefish Member

    I got several flats and my trailer I was pulling broke and I had to ditch/hide it after 255 miles. It took several days to do the trip. I finally made it to my main destination but I had to get a piggieback ride to get there. Hitch a ride with a trucker and throw my MAB in the back of his rig.
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  5. jhammondcpa

    jhammondcpa Active Member

    That would be my luck! If I get my rides to 25 miles each way I'll be happy! Thanks for the info!
  6. troyg

    troyg Member

    45 miles non-stop, 90 miles one way, 180 miles in a day took 7 1/2 hrs in the saddle.I do this run a few times a year.
  7. jhammondcpa

    jhammondcpa Active Member

    I think I have most of the kinks worked out on my bike, but that would be a challenge for me. High traffic areas are hard to avoid, but always looking at the map for longer safe routes. My target is a 50 miler R/T! Thanks for the info!
  8. Purple Haze

    Purple Haze Active Member

    Where I live, it is 14 miles to the liquor store, so that makes for a good round trip. Wouldn't want to pedal very far with a case of beer strapped on. Maybe a good winter project would be to build one of those Fabian type trailers, then I could carry a jerrycan full of fuel and really take a trip.
  9. jhammondcpa

    jhammondcpa Active Member

    If we really get 150 mpg, I could easily take a couple tanks of gas with me which would give me all the miles I could ride. My problem is traffic and figuring out a route to give me the miles. There are some neat trailer configurations, good luck!
  10. UP Rider

    UP Rider New Member

    58 miles one way 8 hours of seminars and 58 miles back. Makes for a nice 14 hour day. BUT the ride back was so relaxing. Even though I couldn't plan gas stops, 2 16 oz bottles in my backpack plus a full tank, I made it without incident. And did I mention the ride back was so relaxing ? Enjoy the ride and PLAN PLAN PLAN

    PS Purple Haze ? yeah been there done that LOL :D:devilish:
  11. butre

    butre Well-Known Member

    20 miles, I don't do much long distance anything. I do that 20 miles every day though

    if my odometer is to be believed, I've done 1400 miles
  12. Bonefish

    Bonefish Member

    That is pretty good time. I did a one way 183 mile trip one year and it took me 10 hours.
  13. jhammondcpa

    jhammondcpa Active Member

    Planning definitely makes for a relaxing ride, thanks!
  14. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    50 miles round trip, usually 4 hr ride give or take. Breaks along the way to hydrate and take in the scenery.
  15. jhammondcpa

    jhammondcpa Active Member

    I think 100 R/T miles is my ultimate goal before winter. My confidence in the bike gets better on every ride. I took and 9 mile ride yesterday after a quick trip to Ireland for a week from the USA. I think the bike missed me it never ran so good! My Bell Dashboard unit was just about to hit 30mph and I slowed down to avoid exceeding the speed limit. Hopefully I'll ride again today! Thanks for contributing!
  16. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    Generally my rides tend to be round trips, and in winter (weather permitting) i usually stay inside of 40 miles, for a relative short round trip to local cafe's set in the hills.
    The exception to this rule is snow rides, but in my location, the snow season is very patchy on the lower peaks. Unfortunately, the higher peaks are all dedicated to snow skiing, so there is no chance of getting away with riding a motorised bicycle in those snow covered areas.
    As soon as there is reasonable snow on the lower peaks, i am out there doing snow rides; enjoying every minute of it.

    In summer my rides tend to be somewhere between 100 -130 miles, unless i'm going away to an alpine location, of which the bike gets transported to a central hub, from where i make my way up into the mountains, which again tends to be somewhere between 100 - 130 mile trips, usually spread out over a 10 - 12 hour ride, which includes photo stops and coffee stops and snack stops, and time to talk to people who want to know everything about the bike and the places that the bike has taken me to.

    During the warmer months, the bike runs up a heck of a lot of miles, as there's always somewhere new to visit.
  17. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    Weather permitting Fabian? What snow storms are we talking about here down under?
  18. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately we don't get proper snow storms in the lower alpine areas of Australia, and even our higher alpine areas are only equivalent to the lower alpine areas of America.

    Only once have i had the good luck to ride in snow when it was actually "snowing", and it was a magical experience.
  19. RollingStones

    RollingStones Member

    Longest I've done 12 miles one way at about 7pm then went to a party and rode it back home at 6AM back in Austin :ack2:.

    Probably did around 100 miles on that little beast. :cheers2:
  20. jhammondcpa

    jhammondcpa Active Member

    I am preparing for bigger rides, but my first 275 miles were all rides to tune, tweak and learn to ride. Loose bolts, changing carburetor, new throttle assembly, 12v battery with lights, new Geax 24 2.3 inch tires and 2 expansion tubes kept me busy. Now just riding! Thanks for the feedback!