what is the most comfortable seat

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    i have tried a few diffrent seats and am having trouble finding one that is comfortable for a long ride .
    i have also tried gell seat covers and air covers but they tend to move around to much after being on the bike for a while .
    so what seat are you using and is it comfortable on long rides

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    Different seats for different folks

    On my motorbicycle I have a medium narrow mountain bike saddle. I used to have a suspension seat post, but it wound up being more trouble then it was worth. I guess it depends on how much pedaling your planing on doing. Big "fluffy" seats are comfy but they tend to chafe your thighs, while narrow saddles let you feel al of the bumps but are very easy to pedal. the one I have is somewhere in-between and I was lucky I didn't throw it away because its not a high end seat.

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    Look up Cloud 9 (out of Minnesota, I think). I have been riding my 11 inch wide seat for over 1300 miles and will not go back to anything less wide. Cheap seats cannot entice me to waste my money and give up comfort.
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    Really like my Hobson Easy Seat II and Kalloy Comfort Suspension seatpost.

    Each half swivels independently as you pedal, and I don't end up numb, with a sore back after a long ride. It take a a few days of riding/experimenting to get the seat adjusted just right, but it's worth it.
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    I'm curious if anyone has ever bought that plaid one that's on Dax's website...
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    But I guess price wasn't a concern with in this thread...

    So, I'd have to change my answer to something more like

    THIS --> http://bikeseats.org/bench-seat.htm
    THIS --> http://bikeseats.org/moon-seat.htm

    I can't find the "original" bench seat that I posted before, but I'm sure it's in my old posts somewhere if you REALLY want to dig.

    That site "guarantees comfort" or your money back! So I just might have to try one of those, actually. Or even both!! :D
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    I second the Hobson Easy Seat II. Was getting numb with several different seats till I tried the Hobson. I'll never go back to a conventional bike seat.
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    BTW - You can locate the original easy seat for $30 or so. They work fairly well, but they are hard - the Easy seat II or deluxe are well worth the extra money...
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    :D I like the cloud 9 seats :D
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    I like leather.
    I like huge.
    I like springs.
    Found just what I needed on eBay searching for Leather Beach Cruiser Seat
    see pic

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    Does anybody speak German??!?!?

    Relax IQ
    - http://www.comfort-line.de/saettel/relaxiq/
    - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8jbv7xUzHA

    Relax 2
    - http://www.comfort-line.de/saettel/relax2
    - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OhAN-byWi4

    I think I'm gonna need to order both of these. Surely one of them is "the most comfortable seat", and after having read this thread I know I must find it!!

    They're talking crazy prices and no money back guarantee for exports to America, but it might actually be worth it??? :thinking:
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    Hah... Look what Google Translate provided...

    Considering all the saddles on their site, this could actually be worth trying out.
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    the first seat looks like a retarded back scratcher ,how the **** would that work
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    I dunno.... That seat looks dern quick to me.

    I first found the seat thru a YouTube video that pointed to www.mantasaddle.biz , then after some more searching I came across this article...


    ... which led me to this guy, Scotland's Scott Napier, who "used the original Manta Saddle while breaking the record for cycling the Pan-American Highway in just 125 days. Scott found that the original model tapped the back of his legs on very steep climbs. Based on Scott's and other testers' feedback, the Manta team trimmed the forefront of the seat and released the MSLite version (seen below)."

    Read more about how Scott beat the Pan-American road ("the world's longest motorable road... hint, hint") record by 10%...

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    I've purchased more than a dozen seats, and here's my thoughts...


    - Easy Seat Deluxe / II
    - Ergo "The Seat" Classic
    - Ergo "The Seat" Edurance
    - Relax I.Q. (AKA: Manta Saddle), which can also be found cheaper at this UK store, Blue Herbs
    - Relax 2
    - Brooks Flyer Special
    - Schwinn "No Pressure" seat
    - Contour "Tractor" seat
    - Moon Saddle
    - SpiderFlex
    - Horseshoe seat
    - Planet Bike Men's A.R.S.
    - Gyles Leather Beach Cruiser Seat

    Ones that I haven't gotten a chance to review and probly won't, either...

    - Spongy Wonder
    - Hobson Pro Hub X2
    - Real Seat
    - Adamo seats


    Soo.... just off the top of my head, here's my thoughts about bike seats, in general....

    If you have a rigid bike, you want a seat with some type of springs / flex, or perhaps a seat post with flex. I've never tried out a flexing seat post, honestly, so I have no idea how those work or anything of the sort.

    Right off the bat, the seats I returned and the reasons why....

    - Ergo "The Seat" Edurance (too slippery, compared to Classic; hardly any extra seating area for all that lost grip, such a bad tradeoff)
    - Brooks Flyer Special (too hard; don't go Brooks unless you go wide!)
    - Schwinn "No Pressure" seat (can't return it, since it's way past 30 days, but I would if I could; the back edges and sides do apply a little pressure that is noticeable on longer rides)
    - Contour "Tractor" seat (no way; too large; impossible to pedal and just plain in the way)
    - Moon Saddle (crummy material - 2011 model supposedly more durable and more firm; too small)
    - SpiderFlex (uncomfortable for my sit bones, or fat around sit bones; could be better for others, or for all w/ slight improvements, but I think the Spongy Wonder would be a far better seat for most everyone since it supports your tailbones).
    - Horseshoe seat (ridiculous; impossible to stay centered on the seat)

    The seats I have kept and the bikes I have chosen them for....

    KEEPERS (full-suspension, 20" motorized bike)
    - Relax 2
    - Easy Seat Deluxe / II

    KEEPERS (rigid, fixed gear 29'er)
    - Relax I.Q. (Manta Saddle)
    - Gyles Leather Beach Cruiser Seat
    - Planet Bike Men's A.R.S.

    In terms of value.... the Easy Seat II, Gyles Leather Beach Cruiser Seat, and Planet Bike Men's A.R.s. are the best there is.

    I have kept all three of those, but they're never used anymore due to my fancy Relax 2 & Relax I.Q. seats. I predicted that I'd like one on my fixie and one on my MB. I was right.

    When I first got them, I didn't honestly care for either of them, but that was because they weren't adjusted properly. The Relax I.Q. was too high, so I kept feeling an awkward push against my thighs. Was ready to sell it until I lowered it for someone 6" shorter than me. I've kept it there ever since. Much nicer. I almost feel like this seat on a fixed gear bicycle is like a perpetual motion machine. There needs to be a really good reason for me to get off the bike, now, because comfort no longer affects my decision to keep riding.

    The Relax 2 was also awkward at first, because I didn't adjust it as far backward as possible. On all forward settings, excluding the farthest back, I kept feeling this wedge between my butt crack. Very, very annoying. Finally, I moved it to the last setting and I found the most comfortable seat for my MB. The Relax 2 looks like the butt pads move independently, like the Easy Seat, but they do not. Nor can they be adjusted laterally. I feel like the non-moving functionality worked best for my full-suspension MB. Very solid feel. Very supporting of my longer legs.

    The Easy Seat Deluxe / II was the first seat that I got excited about. I understood why others recommend this seat. Like the Relax I.Q / Manta Saddle, it is very easy to pedal without hands. Both of these hornless seats are very easy to control. Due to their designs, they both allow each left & right halves of your body to naturally go in opposite directions, from your leg strokes, so there's no need to "catch yourself" with your inner thigh because the opposite leg was awkwardly rubbing against a saddle that never had "balance" in mind. Only problem with the Easy Seat is that it's kinda squeaky and doesn't feel quite so solid. I'm sure I'll never have a problem with it breaking, but it just doesn't give me peace of mind. The spring action in the independent butt pads also seemed to wear off after the first day. Moving one butt pad seemed to move the other pad in the opposite direction, hence, the name -- Easy Seat. After a day's ride, the butt pads didn't seem to move opposite the other butt pad anymore. Dunno if I broke it, or I was expecting too much from those springs or what.

    The Gyles Leather Beach Cruiser Seat is likely the best of them all, even tho I haven't used it more than a few miles. Also, adding such a seat (one with springs) to a bike that already has rear suspension is going to give you TOO much spring and remove you from the "comfort hotzone". This seat is not hard at all, like the Brooks was (likely from being wider, giving it more of a hammock effect?). The difference could've also come down to the harder wax leather treatment for the Brooks, whereas this Gyles seat had no leather treatment. I am almost afraid to ride this Gyles seat without leather treatment. What if it rains?!? This is one reason I prefer my Manta Saddle, because those synthetic materials won't rot in the rain. I'd have to compare them both back to back (something I haven't done yet), but they're, perhaps, my two favorite. Perhaps the perception just comes from converting a rigid fixie into ANY type of comfortable machine whatsoever? Either way, what these two seats do for tailbones on rigid frames is impressive.

    The Planet Bike Men's A.R.S. (Anatomic Relief Saddle) is another keeper. The cheapest of all the seats, it at least deserves an honorable mention. Somebody in their reviews on Amazon said that this seat was more comfortable than the Specialized seats. If you know anything about bike seats, you know that the "professionals" all use Specialized seats. Specialized seats don't use the gel that this seat has, in order to support your sitbones more, but this gel seat isn't bad. What I take away from it is that the slit down the middle of the seat doesn't just provide airflow, but it relieves so much pressure on the soft tissues of your man tools. I'm not sure I'm particularly a fan of the gel, but it doesn't really hurt the seat either. On a rigid frame, the gel does absorb a great deal of shock... but the cutout is what really makes this seat, and others like it, so sought after. This is the reason I'd like to give those Adamo seats a shot. I don't particularly care for the Specialized seats, because they seem to be "too custom" for me, and, hanging out at a bicycle shop recently, I have determined that the conformists all use Specialized seats, therefore, I must resist as long as possible. Will not conform!!

    Seriously, tho... the Manta Saddle @ BlueHerbs for $170 USD (not including export fees) is a freaking deal. On top of the fact that they speak English, if they also let you take advantage of the money back guarantee, then that is quite the deal.

    Oh yea... there was the Schwinn No Pressure seat and the Ergo Classic "The Seat". For my motorized bicycle application, I preferred the Ergo "The Seat. The outer edges of the Schwinn No Pressure seat do, actually, apply pressure when you're hitting bumps over a distance of 15 miles or so. So I prefer the Ergo over the Schwinn, but not by a huge margin. The Ergo makes pedaling easier, but it's still not enough seating area for me to really be happy. I'd put the Easy Seat II over either one of these, any day, however.

    The Best for Rigid
    (1) Manta Saddle / Relax I.Q.
    (2) Gyles Lether Beach Cruiser Seat

    The Best for Rear Suspension
    (3) Hobson Easy Seat II

    Honorable Mention for Rigid
    (4) Planet Bike Men's A.R.S.

    Honorable Mention for Rear Suspension
    (5) Relax 2 (wouldn't have made it here, except for its forward/backward adjustment rail)
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    Sparky...Here's most of the first one [relax IQ]:

    The largest project in the history of the bicycle saddles
    The basis for this revolutionary based system is the bionics
    Bionics deals with the decryption of "Inventions of nature" and their
    innovative implementation in engineering. The look and the structure and
    movement of relax IQ saddle lookalike of the human spine, as well as the rays

    Bionics consists of biology and technology, and expresses how for technical
    applications principles can be used, which are derived from biology to. The
    Bionic is systematic learning from nature. There are countless examples of
    successful example from the automotive and aviation.

    Function and advantages of relax IQ
    •feels from the first moment immediately incredibly convenient and
    comfortable no long introductory phases,
    •adapts itself exactly up to the cervical vertebrae the body of cyclist of the
    knee, hip, pelvis, vertebrae
    •relieves all problem areas such as seat-bones, coccyx, pubis, prostate,
    urethra, etc.
    •prevents unpleasant pressure points of any kind
    •Gravel has due to the construction of the best damping properties that can
    have a saddle, whether rough beats that are found in the site or the
    high-frequency constantly fine strokes such as cobblestones, and reacts bumps
    on the road, as each rib individually and separately on the charges.
    •rugged, durable and weatherproof material
    •individual and flexible setting options
    •Saddle frame C40 steel reinforced
    •easy installation
    •load capacity 170 kg:

    Application possibilities of relax IQ
    •fits on any bicycle, as well as Hometrainer
    •is suitable cyclists for all who want to experience the cycling or home
    training painlessly. Even with medical problems, doctor prescribes "banning"
    can be omitted again. However, the doctor should be consulted beforehand.
    can act as therapeutic aid in any kind of pelvic, hip, intervertebral disc or
    back problems on the bike, Hometrainer, supporting Spinningbike, etc.

    Comfort Line > saddles > RelaxIQ

    P.S. I don't agree with this "stuff"...just got part of it translated for you. Actually, I feel a little silly just typing this. To tell the truth, I'm laughing so hard tears are rolling down my face. But, here it is.
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    Sparky...here is the best translation I could get on the "Relax 2." The 'nice, young lady' who looked over it, did the best she could, as with the one above, but there were just some words that were beyond her. Sorry, but she did her best. (It is, at least, better than google or bablefish...I hope.)

    Relax 2
    Healthy comfort of the highest caliber!

    On a conventional bicycle saddles you sit as on a hard board. That actually contradicts the anatomy of man and is very serious. It is wrong and is responsible for problems with the urethra, vessels and nerves, circulation, discs, spine, and sexual function.

    The concept relax 2 by comfort line ® allows a correct and healthy sitting position (principle of to give toddler) and offers best anatomical conditions for healthy and comfortable cycling and home use of women and men.

    relax 2


    with Seatpost 25.0 mm
    Item No.: 24001
    PZN-code: 9188643

    with Seatpost 25.2 mm Item No.: 24007
    PZN-code: 9100252

    with Seatpost 25.4 mm
    Item No.: 24002
    PZN-code: 9188666

    with Seatpost 27.2 mm
    Item No.: 24003
    PZN-code: 9188672

    without seat post
    Item No.: 24004
    PZN-code: 9100246

    Please note that the measurement for the Saddlesize refers to the diameter of the pipe. You will find more detailed information in the box note.
    You will also receive appropriate mounting sleeve for other pipe diameters.

    Relax 2 by ComfortLine ® allows [best for your teeth?] sitting on the saddle itself with medical problems - please, ask your dentist.

    •ergonomically adapted seat
    • No disruptive Middle Horn
    •individual setting possibilities
    •a completely new and comfortable driving and seating experience


    •load-optimised and durable HiTech foam padding
    •integrated front cover with stainless spring steel
    •integrated seat post load optimized and high-quality aluminum
    •approved up to 120 kg (according to DIN 79100)

    This saddle fits the ergonomics of men and women,
    comfortable and healthy, medically recognised


    This saddle is shipped without seat post. It is therefore necessary to take into account the outside diameter of previous support, which is often engraved on the seat post. There are three standard sizes available, matching sleeve inserts are provided for all other sizes. As you determine your [seat post size] as you will find here...[demonstrates on separate page how to measure your seat post with a caliper.]

    Comfort Line > saddles > Relax2