What is the most quiet motor

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    I just basically have this question. I have been looking around and only found one motor, a honda, that is supposed to be real quiet. Does anyone know of any gas motors for bicycles that are almost silent? Or is there is a special muffler that can be used to silence the motor more? Thanks alot for you time and take it easy.

  2. Mountainman

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    I have the Robin 35cc made by Fuji
    it's pretty quiet
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    The 35cc Robin Subaru is at least as quiet as the same cc Honda, if not more so.

    The reason it is more popular for MBike use is it has a smaller footprint, esp. the casing over the carb. iirc, it weighs a pound or two less.

    There have been MB experiments, by Jemma and Hive among others, adding a conduit or piping to the end of the exhaust, using clamps and that glue they use for radio controlled model planes.
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    If your simply talking quiet this is the quietest MB engine i've ever not heard;wisper quiet.......not overly practical though cos it's underpowered.

    PS...If your asking so u can buy something you'll need to be more specific.....preferred cc's/2,4 stroke/price range/purpose/enviroment used in........any other info u think might help.
    A pain detailed explanations but necessary.
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