What is the perfict beach cruiser for a 2 stroke motor?

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by bikeguy217, Oct 3, 2011.

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    Hey motoredbike members I'm still on a quest for the perfect beach crusier that can fit the usual 5x10 2 strokes motors. Its hard to find the right bike that accomindates these motors. Its tough searching the internet for that one bike for the right price that can fit these motors without no modifications to the mounts. If anyone know any good online stores that sell crusiers that suppport 2 stroke motors without no modifications for under $200. It would be good to find a crusier with v brakes instead of the usual coster brakes, I would feel safer stopping with v brakes doing 35 MPH on a bike than trying to stop with a coster brake.

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    You should try getting your ideal measurments. Pass them to places like bikekerry and see what they come up with.

    Then to get them to play ball let them know your going to buy 50 to 100 or whatever your looking for.
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    shut UP!

    now. ill try to make sense of the situation...

    i think you are asking for the impossible. cruisers having issues with bent tubes, rendering the required angles ummmm...obsolete?

    neatest, strongest, most reliable and surprisingly, the least "buzzy"...

    remove standard studs and rear spacer black. two bits of flat 30x6 at however long it is steel, drill holes in required places, weld to "stubs" of 25x25rhs that are then filed to fit the frame, then also welded. and if you cant weld,(PROPERLY!) pay someone to do so.

    the engines held rigidly and DOESNT vibrate. (look at the mounts, think about it for a while and youll realise why...)

    yes, yes, i know, its modifying the frame.

    unfortunately theres no other way round it. except filing motor mounts maybe....

    or just keep searching :D cus as soon as you finish welding you know what youll find... LOL!
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    Madwagon, if you can find one.
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    nice. someone had to do the deed and custom build one... commercially.
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    Micargi cruiser

    Ron.....Here's my front mount on a Micargi crank forward cruiser - used 2 Simpson strong ties.

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    Heres a couple more pics. Its kind of hard to see, but I bent 2 Simpson strong ties to fit from engine to muffler clamp on tube - drilled 2 holes in ties to bolt to engine...was pretty easy actually..............

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    Ok now I see how it worked. Here is the last one I made.
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    Simpson strong ties worked for me since I didnt have any scrap metal heavy enough for front mount. Picked em up cheap at HomeDepot, May not have had to double up, but that engine does not move. Id use them again for extra large mount area, or for stretch cruiser................
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    Just dont get my bike
    the tank, coil wont clamp on I had to drill and tap the brackets directly to the frame
    the rear mount was almost the correct size, took alot of filing by hand to open it up
    the front mount was too small, that tube is alot fatter too

    I only bought it because of how it looked

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    Kind of a ole thread, I'm sure he has bought a bike for his engine between October and today. I should hope. Besides this was his last post.
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    I know, I go back through all the posts trying to lean things and then forget about the dates, but I figure if you dont update the posts then this is what happens

    this is my way of searching, I start from new to old