What is the profile of the CC users?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by professor, Jul 10, 2010.

  1. professor

    professor Active Member

    One of the reason I got on here was to find out what Fabian did to get the fistful of points he told about. Never did answer me.

    I notice there is not a lot of traffic here. Was wondering why.
    Is this the twilight zone of the forum?

  2. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    if by twilight zone you mean.... the zone devoid of rules or regulations where anything goes. Then, yes.

    If you want to participate, just be prepared to bring your A game.
  3. professor

    professor Active Member

    I guess I was thinking of the TV show from the late 50s I think,(showing my age) with Rod Sterling where weird stuff happened every week. Totally fiction though.
  4. KilroyCD

    KilroyCD Active Member

    That applies as well here... :stuart:
  5. moondog

    moondog Member

    As far as I know the CC has not scared off or chased off any members ? :whistling:

    That is more than I can say about the moderated part of this website. :ack2:

    It seems that over there people are insulted and chased off by "trolls". :devilish: and the "trolls" are given points and banned ?

    The ugly name calling and attemped rep destruction stuff seems more common in the moderated forums.

    No one has ever got ugly with me in the CC. Can't say that about the moderated forums.
  6. moondog

    moondog Member

    All the other games people play on moderated forums won't work here.

    This leads to much different styles of posting !

    This can confuse CC newbees :devilish:
  7. moondog

    moondog Member

    back on topic ?

    Profile, CC members are not group thinkers so much and respect other non group thinkers.

    Group thinkers won't get it ! :thinking:
  8. professor

    professor Active Member

    Good answer Moondog. I think I am going to like it here.
  9. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    Professor, I know what the twilight zone is.

    Welcome to the club.
  10. plinko

    plinko Member

    Least In the C.C. you are allowed to express your feelings and beliefs without being banned or censored. Censorship Is for china.Not for me.
  11. plinko

    plinko Member

    What about Ray Bradbury:rolleyes7:?
  12. professor

    professor Active Member

    Hi Plinko, had to look up who Bradbury is, don't watch TV much, fewer movies.

    I think most of the media, most of public education (outside of Reading, Righting and Rithmatic- those things that cannot be lied about or twisted) and "Scientists" that are wholly owned assets of some govt. dole are tools of the elete designed to subdue and enslave all people.
    Does that make me a radical?
  13. plinko

    plinko Member

    No way professor. Makes you a free thinker like myself and others.I will never:bowdown: to elitist views even unto death.Ray bradbury wrote books.there was some shows made for t.v. though.I am against public schools and dropped out because they were brainwashing me.Now look today at how children are manipulated.I never seen evil until I went to public schools or drugs or premarital sex or anything.I know people who teach their kids from home and they are smarter and more respectful young children than any public school child.
  14. Hawaii_Ed

    Hawaii_Ed Member

    I got on here because Auggie dog did not like my girl with MB photos :) He told me to keep it in the CC< and I had no idea this existed!
  15. moondog

    moondog Member

    I don't get it ? Why does he not like her ? Did she do something wrong ?

    Got to be more to this story than that.

    Pretty girls in swimsuits have been helping hot rodders sell stuff since there was hot rodders ?

    Are we not hot rodders ?
  16. moondog

    moondog Member

    I do think the over 50mph stuff is kinda bad though !
  17. professor

    professor Active Member

    Hi Ed, if I recall right, the beef was over the "Schoolgirl" pics, which I thought were very modest. Quite baffling to me.
    But here we are, and I really like it on CC. I didn't know what to expect. No trolls looming under bridges that I can find.
  18. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    You haven't noticed my knobby green skin, warts, and yellowed fangs?
  19. Hawaii_Ed

    Hawaii_Ed Member

    Sadly, this forum is not made up of hot rodders. Myself and 57 heaven both are. I drive a buick grand national and a few fast camaros, my wife has a mustang gt. He has a 57 chevy bel air. This forum seems to be greater than 50% composed of people who think anything over 25MPH is reckless endangerment.

    Nothing more to the story other than auggie dog is an opinionated person with psychotic tendencies. I was really hoping he'd keep his word and drop off the 'net on his trip.
  20. Hawaii_Ed

    Hawaii_Ed Member

    Ed Zachary! I did learn there are also more than a few Quaker puritans on this forum!