What is the slowest speed your bike will continue to travel?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by kamikazi_kostka, Feb 17, 2007.

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  1. without any throttle on?

    Mine won't go under 15 mph, I am just curious, is it how I wired my throttle cable? I don't know, when I go about 25 mph, I am at half-throttle or so, at least I think so. I have never gone past that, as I am still breaking in the engine.


  2. srdavo

    srdavo Active Member

    sounds like your idle is way too fast. if the idle screw won't slow it down, try the cable adjuster on top of the carb.
  3. i think so too.

    whenever I idle, I feel like my engine is running at close to like 20 mph.

    What can I do to lower this?

    I don't want to remove the entire throtle assembly.

  4. sherryc8641

    sherryc8641 Guest

    Same with mine with 15 mph or engine kills
  5. Guest

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    You should go full throttle on occasion to get those rpms up in order to get a proper break in. Babying a 2 stroke engine is a no-no.
  6. srdavo

    srdavo Active Member

    first, adjust your idle screw on the left side if your carb. start out by screwing it in all the way...then back it off 3.5 turns.

    if this doesn't help.... try adjusting the cable adjuster on top of the carb. this will give you more or less pull on the slide.

    also....check your cable routing... the cable could be binding somewhere. (bent too sharp)

    if still no help....
    then, I would unscrew the cap, under where the cable goes into the carb. then pull the brass slide out. from this point you can twist your throttle grip to make sure the slide is moving properly. it should compress the spring...then release. double check at this point. that the slotted washer inside the brass slide is on top of the clip on the needle. the slotted washer allows the spring to push the needle back down.
    is this clear to you? (clear as mud? hehe)
    hope this helps. let us know if there's any thing else we can do.
  7. mrsaxman99

    mrsaxman99 Guest

    get your engine nice and warmed up, then pull the clutch and come to a stop with your engine "idling". slowly uncrew (lefty loosey :grin: ) the idle screw on the left side of the carb (as you look down while sitting on the bike). This should lower the engine speed. If it does not, your throttle cable is not long enough. Fix this problem by screwing in the top throttle cable that sits right on top of your carb. You will notice that it screws in, though you might have to loosen the lock ring in order to do this.

    A good way to adjust all this (assuming you have the room on your frame) is to loosen the clamp on the intake tube and slide off the entire carb, leaving everything on the carb alone. Once you have the carb free, look back up inside to view the little gold shuttle, and note its position. adjust the idel screw, and as well the position of the top threaded screw on top. The idea is that if your idle screw is allll the way out, you have just enough throttle cable to let the shuttle sit ALL THE WAY down, blocking the intake. You then adjust your idle screw to open up the intake a bit, and set idle speed accordingly.

    On a side note, many times I'll start the engine on a cold day and let it warm up for a minute using half choke while screwing the idle screw in a bit.

    If you need any more help I can take and post pictures.