What is this engine?

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    The bike shop insists that this is an "as new 52cc 4.2hp Mitsubishi 2-stroke engine".

    It has no markings or name on it.

    Could it be?

    Or is it a cheap-and-cheerful Chinese knock-off?

    (Being in Israel, Levantinism is endemic!)


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    I'm not 100% positive, but that engine bears a striking resemblance to the engines used on small water pumps sold at harbor freight, they are also 52 cc but only 1.5 hp. I'd be very surprised if that engine had the claimed 4.2 HP, but it is possible.

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    remove the carb cover and take a few more pictures. looks like a TLE43 but i need to verify.
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    hi, would you show us how you hung the motor in question?
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    Ooops... i misread the post. u said "52cc 4.2hp Mitsubishi 2-stroke engine". I just naturally assumed it was a TLE43.
    They should still have a similar badging/labelling if it is a Japanese product.
    Attached are pictures and locations of the labels on my Mitsubishi TLE43

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    The chinese clones are based on the TL series. The TLE series came out in the late 90's (the E is for low Emissions, I believe) The TLE engines are categorized by the 'double barrel' carb. as indicated in the 4th picture,above. The second port is an air-only port, and is an integral part of the low emissions design of the engine.

    Here's a clearer photo of the carb...

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