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    people must think i'm crazy because i keep picking up bikes to build as projects.
    what looks like junk to others, look like jewels to me.
    is this normal?:jester:
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  2. Sort of. Sometimes you will find gems, other times you are just hauling more junk home. I have to keep tight rein on myself and try to be more discerning. Otherwise I would end up having to rent a storage space for all the junk I'd like to "collect".
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    It is a sickness. Very contageouse. No meds, therapy or 12 step program is known to work. There is no cure. Get used to it.
    the Old Sgt.
  4. motorpsycho

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    yeah i constantly find my self looking for bikes.
    I always look everywhere i go...I can't help it.
    The funny thing is that when i was 15 and about to get my license (many years ago) i was big into bmx racing and i had a very expensive pk ripper bike.
    Once i got my license, the bike didn't mean anything to me anymore and i sold it for $50.00 to my cousin.
    I really didn't re-discover bikes until a few years ago when i picked up a schwinn stingray off craigslist.
    heck, right now i'll take any bike i can find even if it's rusty, incomplete, or whatever.
    there's always room for bike parts.
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    "Hi there- my name's Greg and I'm a motoredbikeaholic "
    (sotto group response from background) "Hi, Greg"
    "Y'know, I've been comming to these meetings now for three months... and I STILL wanna grab up every disgarded bike I see, I STILL grope the bike rack at wallyworld every time I go down there, I STILL check out these websites where they talk about their MBs, I STILL jump on my bike every chance I get and motor all over thunder and back JUST BECAUSE I CAN... I mean, DOES ANYBODY EVER QUIT PLAYING WITH THESE THINGS?!??!?"
    (Muted mutterings, comments...) "Uh... well, that is to say... no," "Nawp" "Still at it, I'm afraid," "... uh... what wuz the question...?" "Hmmm... let me get back to you on that," " We're supposed to QUIT doing this?!?" " I thought this was an 'AA' meeting,"
    ... and with that, the old Sgt. went back to the bikerack where his 'Beach Breeze' was parked and rode home....:jester:
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    uhhh yeah....
    well, i found a place today that's going to become my new hangout.
    It's a bike shop called the "bloomington bike project".
    it's a non profit organization that takes in used, donated bikes.
    they tear them apart, re-build them and sell them or if they are in too bad of shape they tear them down and save all the useable parts.
    but here's the cool part...
    if you volunteer to work there, they let you rummage though their stash of bike parts and take stuff for free!
    you can even build your own bike out of their pile of parts (and they have a TON of parts.) you have to volunteer for 3 hours to be able to build a free bike to keep with their parts.
    they also repair bikes for people and sell new and used bike parts.
    if you volunteer, you can use the bike shop and all of the tools whenever you want to work on or build your own bikes.
    all you have to do is commit to volunteering on a regular basis, and if you don't know anything about bikes, they'll teach you.
    i'm going there tomorrow to sign up as a volunteer....I saw a couple of old schwinn cruiser frames in their parts stash, along with a couple of what looked to be, 70's muscle bikes.
    check it out...
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    I don't find it odd at all. For years I've been collecting bits and pieces for a boat I plan to build when I retire--that's at least 13 years away. PLUS, when the "sh*t goes down" you're not going to be able to run up to Ace or your local big box for a couple of bolts and washers, so you'd best stock up on that stuff now;-)
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