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    Hi guys,
    I'm trying to learn about a Viking (frame) Whizzer, I'm considering. The seller found this on the head (still looking for the engine #) "2204 W2". Does this help with identification of the engine generation?
    Thanks for any replies.

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    I believe you have a 1940's Whizzer H- motor.
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    The number you listed is the cylinder part number on an "H" motor. Most "J" motors don't have any numbers on the base of the cylinder. The later "300" ad up motor series normally has #2251 STAMPED into the cylinder base [not raised numbers].

    All Whizzer motor serial numbers are below the flywheel and to the right of the oil drain plug.

    All "H" motors start with H-xxxxxx, all "J" motors start with J-xxxxxx, all later motors use numbers [no letter] such as 300xxx, 300xxxS, 500xxx, 600xxxS, or 700xxx. Whizzer motors used in Luxenburg started with an "L" [L-300652,etc].

    Another way to identify an early "H" compared to the later "H" motor is by the head bolt size. "H" motors produced prior to H-120,000 had 1/4" head bolts. whereas all later motors used 5/16". The first "H" motor serial number started at H-000501 [late 1945].

    Hope this helps.

    Have fun,
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    Thanks for the detail. Shortly, you'll see another reply which adds numbers to the "H".
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    engine of mystery

    I've got an old one with a tillotson carb. There's 2604 and AL69A stamped on it. I'm stumped. The carb has B9A stamped into it