What is your motorized bike used for?


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Nov 14, 2018
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Feb 26, 2020
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Lots of different folks here from all parts of the world riding motorized bicycles. The intended uses are as different as the people riding these things. When I first learned of bicycles with engines I didn't understand the concept. I was like...if you want two wheels powered by an engine just get a scooter or motorcycle. ....something with a little more substance under your butt putting you out on the road with cars and trucks.
Then I helped a guy in my area get his motorized bicycle road worthy. I used to see him broke down and pushing it home every week. From the hands on with his bike the idea infected my brain. This idea led me here where I learned a lot in a short time. Now the bike consumes a lot of my spare time.

The guy I helped uses his bike as his primary transportation.

I use mine strictly as an amusement toy to ride around....the thrill...of victory....not readily looking for that agony of defeat. :)

I never ride mine in rain or adverse weather conditions and only travel roads that are favorable for my non-suspension, 26" Schwinn cruiser.

No matter what the reason for riding a motorized bike, It's all awesome...It's really cool to see all the different configurations and the how & why people use motorized bicycles.

What is your main reason for riding a motorized bicycle?
Only freedom I got left....when god gets here I'm riding mine to heaven...unless I'm out of gas or oil...then I'm pushin!!lost my operators .....I ride all year long....I get creative in the winter....lil dangerous I might add....like 1"bolts thru 2 tires and an inner tube wrapped with inner tubes....makes a WICKED ice chucking snow stud..😈😈😈😈


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Jul 23, 2020
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