What I’ve acquired to start to get my hands dirty.

Moving furniture tomorrow to get a desk and shelf for better organization and all. While at my folks house, grabbing the bump motorcycle mount. My dads got a Brian Stratton engine on some thing that he’s not even using. It’s just sitting in the back. Instead of wasting money, buying something online on marketplace or even from Harbor freight I’m gonna snag that tomorrow when I go to get the furniture. I’ll also post a pic of a clothing rack that was supposed to mount on top of the dresser when I was learning to weld. The first engine one first motorized bicycle projects, but I’ve got something bigger and better to keep me focused so I don’t do stupid things. And then I’m also acquiring essentially two more bikes. The bigger thing that I got, that’s gonna keep me away from doing stupid things on bicycle frames, I bought a Honda rebel 250 the other day. So I can have a motorcycle to do motorcycle stuff. I’ll have the small engine to put on the bike in the meantime as a side project. And I’ve got two bikes coming from another person as a project. They will make one ready bike and then from the parts that’s left on the other frame after that I build back up and sell that, finally getting on top of being in the green.

First main question, originally I wanted larger wheels when I thought I was going with 26 inch wheel bike. With the stingray Schwinn frame I actually feel like I want to lower it dropping 2 inches on the front and rear tire so the frame sits lower on the ground. do others have information on doing this have they done this? I was also trying to find a 2 inch or 3 inch wide front tire so the front was a little fatter, but not as fat as the back. I’ll finalize this post with the pictures have already taken and then I’ll take a video of the twin frame, I already know I’m going to repaint it and change all of that. But I wanted to know what other suggestions were for things to replace and do, I’m not sure if it’s the seat or the rear wheel, I think it was mostly because the wheel brakes on it originally we’re not screwed fully. They were spinning. The wheel was spinning, but sometimes it sounds a little whiny.

As long as with in permission of the group rules, I’m posting a screenshot I got from GW’s build. Did you just slide the tires over your existing tires or those tires go on the bikes? If I put motorcycle wheels on it instead of bike wheels, what’s the crazy engineering and mathematical problems around that? I’m pretty sure the engine I’m using can handle that extra weight. I could possibly pick a front system up out of a junkyard for the bike if that needed to be upgraded. If all else fails on some of those other parts, I’ll just make sure I properly gear the engine so I don’t damage the like that.

I am also going to post the pictures the bikes that I’m talking about motorcycle wise are in. Besides taking my time having fun painting the frame and waiting till I have enough play money to buy the parts to put the occ frame together, doing it proper because I’ll have busy hands and not rush things that don’t need to be broken. As they say idle hands are the work of the devil and I want to wash my hands of the sins. Whiskey throttle is the only bottle I’ll see my end in. 😂😂😂

After adding pictures, post script thought. I also was thinking of finding ape bars. I would like to imagine getting a longer front fork if possible.

As far as the pictures in order.

Pic 1-2, me taking it home and feeling proud for finding a not so rusted one for a decent price. Pic 3 is the Honda rebel 250 I got like a day or 2 later. And earlier today I solidified a deal with the guy who just didn’t want the project taking space in his garage any more. I’m planning to fix and sell both. While looking for normal engines for motorized bikes. So that way I can make builds that are mostly legal to sell.

I can go back to the one thread as well
GW, the retired jersey state trooper. If that person doesn’t mind, I would like to try to pick their mind about certain things like that legality question of it. After enough mods, it is essentially a motorcycle, but motorcycles are held to different standards between suspensions and emissions standards, certain things like the frame and bolts have to have certain tinsel strengths and I know that’s also requirement within the manufacturing process. I have more than the right projects to give me the focus to not do something dumb with a bike like I was originally planning. But just like a car, you can build something from the ground up but whe that happens not only what is the legality standards they are held to, but how would one go about getting it legal if there’s no official bill of sale necessarily for any of the given parts gathered all over. You could call it your own make, but essentially there is no model. I don’t even wanna think about what insurance companies would feel about the legality of that. God forbid you change to a stage two clutch and have a radio system. Lol. Poor Honda Civic community. But if it is similar to cars, they would have to physically ride your vehicle to road test it right? I have come to be educated. Smite me with all of your might, and double explain the math so I know how you’re right. Lmfao


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Welcome to the forum, nice post. Can't figure if there's a ? in there or not. Nice bike too.
First thing, I'm not the retired cop, @DAMIEN1307 is lol. Second thing, that 8hp flatty isn't gonna fit without basically reworking the entire frame of that OCC (this would however solve your wanting to have the frame lower to the ground lol) and 3rd, you would need to fabricate some plates that bolt onto the rear dropouts through the dropouts and the factory holes closer to the chain stays if you want to lower the rear, then you have to mod the front forks too. And finally, that front tiiis (IIRC) a 24 x 1.95" so a 2.125" tire (the next width up) is not gonna be much thicker. Maybe some 24" bmx tires would be 2.5" wide?

Nice bikes btw, is one a Kawasaki?
First thing, I'm not the retired cop, @DAMIEN1307 is lol.
I was also NOT a New Jersey State Trooper, although I did know a few of them when they would show up at my office in Boston to extradite some of their homegrown "Jersey boy" fugitives back to NJ on a Governor's Warrant...lol.
I was also NOT a New Jersey State Trooper, although I did know a few of them when they would show up at my office in Boston to extradite some of their homegrown "Jersey boy" fugitives back to NJ on a Governor's Warrant...lol.
Damien's State Trooper buddies lol

Here's Damien when he was on the police force.