what kind of bike is this year and make if possible?

Discussion in 'Antique Motorized Bicycles' started by siouxindian, Jun 12, 2014.

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    Wickedwitchmobile :grin5:

    Hmm, that's a tough one.
    There were a lot of different companies that made that frame style back when the movie was made.
    Without better pictures (her skirt covers up a lot of the bike), we may never know.
    I'm gonna take a WAG and say.....a women's Raleigh Roadster

    Here's a pic of a 1929 model I found on the net....

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    o thank you very much i think you hit it right i really looks like it.
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    oh, toto, whatever will we do?

    munchkin killer?

    note.... rod brakes.

    i hate to say it, but that isnt the frame in question. maybe an expert on the wizard of OZ will know. surely some movie buff has it jotted down somewhere. problem is finding the movie buff and the answer.

    but...the top tube in the pic is a lot skinnier, straight, and goes off at a slightly different angle. forks have an abrupt angle rather than a smooth curve. looks to be a shield shaped sticker/emblem just behind those front brakes...cant tell if they be caliper or rod type. surely theres other (picture)frames to look at?

    me, myself would have said a BSA, but...it was an american movie, yes? arent raleigh and bsa both british? maybe that will narrow it down a bit ;) the whitewall tyres i think are a nice american type touch.
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    other pics of...





    i seriously have nothing better to do than this?

    well, i do...

    they look to be cable operated brakes.
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    looks like a waltham safety model 1900. that chain guard threw me for a loop until I noticed that it was definitely not original.
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    Gas Bike

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    Hmmmh, Heliobikes hired someone to post in the forum for them? :devilish:

    or he had a bad crash which resulted in brain damage? :grin5:
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    i think this got put here by mistake
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    Another forum site stated that it was a 1900 Orient with a Wald one-size-fits-all guard plus Wald basket and a Philco/Phillips centralpull brake.

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    that Orient was not the only safety with a j loop and that brake is a roller cam long arm. I think the front tire is a us royal whitewall and i know the rear tire is a big 76 chain tread. Neither of those will fit that waltham wheel.
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    gale-farm-witch-tower (1).jpg
    If you look at this photo of the set the front wheel does not look like wood and i compared a few different scenes and it looks like more than one bicycle was used. just sayin
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    well you could be right.