What Kind of Build Should I Start? (Help Wanted)

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Murdok, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. Murdok

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    So I tried making an "in-line" engine with the chain going to the engine instead of the tensioner... long story short it was a stupid idea. I then tried a friction drive and noticed that I somehow bent my frame beyond repair.

    Now I have to get a new bike, a motor (since I have to reassemble my weedeater), and a mount. My question is what should I choose? I am leaning towards using a pusher since I could remove it, put it in my trunk and take it with me to show off (if for some odd reason it ever comes off the bike) or to just ride the bike by itself.

    I have plans to make a friction drive in a small metal box that is rectangular in shape and would hang out long ways behind the bike. It would be wider than long, so it would look like my bike is cross-shaped from the sky |-(BIKE)

    What do you think? How can I mount things to a chain/belt? Also, I've seen some dolly (handtruck) designs that seem easier than most; what are your thoughts on these? Basically, I want a cheap and quick entry MB so that I can save gas and enjoy the outdoors.

  2. sparky

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    I think you've mostly talked yourself into the kind of build to start with. ;) Pushers are very, very sweet.

    A lot of old guys thought that the dolly design wasn't the safest idea for some reason. Don't ask me. But I'd just weld my own solid metal with sufficient wheel(s)/tire(s) (thick axle(s) & so on) at a minimum. I have no welding skillz, but it'd be fun and shouldn't be too difficult.

    And let me also add that "cheap and quick" is a quick way to cheap failure around these parts.
  3. Murdok

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    Thanks for the feedback. I am almost positive that I want to use a dolly now. I can mount the engine on it, assemble a wheel on the axle and make a belt-driven system instead of a chain or friction drive, and then I can make a nice adjustable mount to the bicycle.
    I think I am going to mount everything so that I can put things on the dolly above the engine (like a storage area), but the engine is not directly obstructed.

    I am also thinking of enclosing the engine partially along with the rest of the dolly with a fabric, what are your thoughts on this? I would add a lightweight metal frame and basically upholster it so it will go over the dolly and fully enclose it, but not catch on fire or blow away.