Clutch What kind of clutch pads are these?

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    These pads come with the zoom bike's 80cc (is it a pk80?). These are completely flat, but my clutch was slipping badly. The acorn nut screw was almost all the way unscrewed when I took the clutch plate off.

    What are these guys made of, and how do they compare with the gray ones you usually see in the kits? I noticed that there was a bunch of the red "dust" from the pads right out of the box.

    These are 1/4 inch thick still, but flat as a pancake! Are they still usable? I switched them out with the gray ones from a grubee clutch, and need to know if they are worth saving/using?

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    Those pads work fine I think your problem was with the acrorn nut it needs to be tighened. I like to file down the sides of the pads so that they move freely in the slots
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    The acorn nut was tight enough (I think). the little screw that holds it in place came loose and was almost all the way out when I took the cover plate off. While this Zoom engine is much quieter than the Grubee I had, it has had this screeching sound from the beginning.

    I did some reading on here and the consensus was that was pretty normal on some engines. It sounds to me like the pads were making contact (ie. the clutch was slipping), but i adjusted the clutch to where it needed to be. I tightened the acorn and it still continued to make that sound.

    It will be interesting to see if I hear a difference with the Grubee pads I switched to. These red ones did have a lot of play like you are saying, but the gray ones have none. In fact I had to jam them in the slots.

    I noticed that the Grubee clutch had better components. the ridges on the back plate (sorry- don't know technical names) are much more pronounced, whereas the PK800 was relatively smooth. The front friction plate that the acorn screws over on the grubee has much larger squares and more of them (more friction). the pk is pretty weak in that area. It has these tiny little squares and they don't even cover the entire contact surface. So I switched the pads and the front plate. I would have just switched the entire clutch, but the slot on the grubee wasn't quite large enough to fit onto the shaft of the PK. A small file would have worked, but I didn't have one. Also the PK is missing some of the ball bearings inside the clutch, and the grubee isn't.
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