What kind of gas wont hurt my 70cc engine and works best?

What type of gas do you mix your oil with?

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Jim H

Well gentlemen, that was a lot of helpful info for me which I wasn't aware of. I've learned that my china 80 is low compression, will run better on regular and a castor blend is better than my expensive Amsoil synthetic. Do any other dealers out there recommend synthetic other than Kings? Just curious as to the recommendation in the first place.



Yes, I am a believer in castor because I use a castor based fuel in engines that rev 25,000 rpm and rarely fail. I have used synthetic two stroke oils in same engine with not as much success because synthetics just can't handle the heat under poor operating conditions (high rev's, high engine heat, high load etc..).

I would be remiss if I did not mention some drawbacks of castor: The main drawback is that it will cause some deposit buildup in your engine. It can cause rings to stick and promote spark plug deposits. Some feel that the deposits on the cylinder wall actually improve compression and reduce engine wear but I am not sure about that. Regardless, it only takes me less than 30 minutes each year to pull a jug and clean things out. A small price to pay for engine longevity.


Valvoline 2 Stroke

I use Valvoline 2 stroke oil. Those who know use Valvoline. It is true...Check it out...


Yep, people in the "know" are using an inferior 2 stroke oil. Valvoline's flash point is 172 deg F compared to Maxima 927's 427 deg F. Once an oil hits it flash point it can be ignited and no longer provides lubrication protection. Higher flash point is better because unburn oil is what lubes our engines.

Let's check Valvoline's viscosity: Hmmm, valvoline's viscosity at 100 deg Celcius is 7.4 (lower number is thinner) while Maxima's 927 is 13.27 CSt at same temperature. Seems like Maxima 927 holds up better (no viscosity breakdown) at higher temperatures too!

Valvoline 2 stroke oil SPECS http://www.valvoline.com/products/2-Stroke Motorcycle Oil.pdf

Vis @ 100 degC (cSt) 7.4
Vis @ 40 deg C (cSt) 48.08
Viscosity Index 116
Spec Gravity @ 60 deg F 0.8635 Density (lbs/gal) 7.20
Total Base No. 3.6
Flash COC ( deg C) 78 <== THIS IS 172 deg Fahrenheit!!!!! POOR
Pour Point (degC) max -39
Sulfated Ash Nil

Maxima 927 Specs
Color D 1500 Yellow
Gravity °A.P.I. 17.6
Viscosity SUS @ 100°F 617
Viscosity cSt @ 100°C 13.79
Pour Point, °F -5
Flash Point, °F 420
Fire Point, °F 480
Viscosity Index 99
SAE Viscosity 40

Bottom Line: Maxima 927 keeps on lubricating; where other lubricants turn to carbon or vaporize, and provides extra protection on cylinder walls, bearing journals and other critical areas at temperatures much higher than other lubricants.


I am speaking from 40 years of experience

I am speaking from Experience..40 years of it...and not some data sheet. I stand by what I said.. Those who know use it. and by it.. I mean..Valvoline.. Thanks...


ok.. Here is the deal..

I called Valvoline at 1-800-832-6825. Spoke To Ronnie, a Valvoline Petroleum Tech. Ronnie informed me that those that speak of high flash points for 2 stroke oils need to attend Petro 101 class again. Ronnie explained to me about flash points for 2 strokes VS flash points for 4 strokes. He explained that a low flash point is required for 2 stroke engine in order for the oil to not only lubricate but to BURN !! If you have too high a flash point, the oil will not burn and will gum up the works. He also explained that Racing 2 stroke motors and non racing 2 stroke motors are withing 20 degrees F of each other during run. This is from lab testing. He also explained that Ash is what can scratch or scar the piston and rings and cylinder of a 2 stroke motor which is why 2 stroke oils are formulated to be ash less or near ash less. Ronnie also expalined that the Valvoline 2 stroke oil has the API TC rating as well as the TCW-3 rating. He also said that the Valvoline Multipurpose 2 stroke oil is fine. But that the Valvoline 2 Stroke injector oil with the motorcycle on the label is tops !! Part number VV746 and can be found at most auto parts stores. Anyway.. To back up what I say, The number for Valvoline is posted and Ronnie is the guy to talk to. Or any other Tech can help as well. Valvoline is the only Company in the world that Tests their oils on engines in their labs. They do this 24x7 365. This must be the reason they have the best oils.. Because of all the testing they do on real 2 and 4 stroke engines. This was also documented on the Discovery Channel about Valvoline the Company. Interesting stuff. All FYI stuff. Also.. I found that Penzoil 2 stroke non synthetic performed great on 2 stoke Rotax air craft engines. Seems like they have a winner as well. Penzoil that is... Enjoy the ride..


Apr 23, 2007
Good info Dax.

If there is one thing I have learned since starting this crazy obsession of MotoredBikes is that knowledgeable people like Dax who are willing to share their knowledge are far and few between. Not to knock any other seller, I have dealt with most on this forum and have the greatest respect for them all.

Thnx Dax


Dax- that flash point info. makes sense- after all, the oil in the gasoline is supposed to lubricate before it is burned, not after. The oil does its lubrication duties when it is drawn into and then through the crankcase prior to being pushed into the cylinder for combustion.


ive been using belray ester based 100% synthetic in my new motor and that stuff cost me 13 dollars ill never buy that again and it was a small bottle loks like ill be using maxima 927 i here its the best for dirtbikes
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