Safety What kind of helmet do you wear?

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    For those of you who wear helmets while riding your MBs: what do you wear?

    I'm currently wearing a Bell bicycle helmet; their "Quake" model which costs about $30:

    I like the light weight, and the coolness of its ventilation, but I'm considering a "real motorcycle helmet" of the half-helmet variety, like this:

    I've heard that the expanded polystyrene (styrofoam) construction of bicycle helmets is really very effective as far as head protection, but I think the motorcycle helmet will look more appropriate while riding a MB.

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  3. jeffuehrer

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    I wear more of a skater type helmet by "Nutcase". They have a wide variety of designs too. I have crashed twice in it (once on the mb and the other on the non-mb) and it worked both times. That is all the assurance I needed. I like the chrome version of the helmet you picked. Nice selection though.
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    I'm glad you mentioned Nutcase. I checked out their web site, and I really like the "Super Solid" model in flat black. Since I don't need a DOT-certified helmet here in Connecticut, that helmet will give me the look I want without the weight of a motorcycle half-helmet. (Plus, my wife will think it's very appropriate that there's a logo on my head reading "Nutcase"!)

    Thanks for the tip.

  5. jeffuehrer

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    You're welcome, Max. Enjoy your new nut case.
  6. Anton

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    I've got a Bell Bellistic full face helmet. It's like a motorbike helmet but is so much lighter.

    I'm not even sure if it's legal to use on the roads but rules here don't make sense. I feel so much safer wearing a full face helmet!
  7. professor

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    I have been using a full face cycle helmet that is left over from my drag racing days.
    It is heavy. I will have to check out that bell bellistic.
    I really like the idea of protecting my face, though I haven't fallen off a bike since riding in snow 50 years ago.
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    I use a DOT approved half helmet which is chrome. Slap a pair of goggles on underneath, and I am ready to go!
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    I'm just using a BELL bicycle helmet for now. I try to keep it around or under 25mph when I ride so I'm hoping it will protect my melon enough in case of a collision. *crosses fingers* I do have plans in the summer to buy a better helmet though. I plan to put a few hundred miles on this HT over the hot months just cruising around the countryside and to the lake.
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    I wear bmx helmet that fully covers my head!