WHAT KIT IS THIS....???? please help want to buy.

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by ballermj23, Nov 10, 2010.

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    Looks like a BMP kit with maybe the MonsterScooterparts engine 49/52cc engine
    Didnt see any pedals on them bikes in the vid?
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    I have a BMP friction drive. The one in this video does not appear to be a BMP kit. Similar, or modified. Te engine appears to be the 50cc like the one monsterscooter sells. It's the same engine from a Harbor Freight auger or water pump. I have that same engine also. It's pretty much a Chinese clone of a the Mitsubishi TLE43 ifd I'm not mistaken. Nice powerful engine. That kit with BMP friction and same engine can be had now for less than $250.00. Simple and dependable kit. I would highly recommend it. Also, those bikes with no peddles are probably illegal in all 50 states.
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    mastex1234, looks pretty good in your video. One suggestion: if that blue vibrating piece visible in the bottom center of the screen is a front fender, please, PLEASE, get rid of it. ASAP!

    Front fenders have caused some very serious accidents.
  6. occchopperfl

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    Whats your thoughts on the BMP FD please?
    BMP sale ends tonight.
    Thanks. :)
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    No experience with that kit at all. It does have a good reputation, and an important part of that is their quick-release skewer system on the bracket for changing rollers - it looks to me like a very good innovation.
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    Thanks for your post Simon. :)

    I just bought one this evening.

    I like the simpleness of design and (what I would assume, ease of overall maintenance of the bike/kit and engine.)

    In addition to this bike, I will build more in the future. :)
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    Like mentioned above,,, the lack of pedals will probably make that MB illegal in the U.S. But, some states may allow it to be registed some way.