What kit to choose? Quality - are they the same?



I have been cruising the internet and eBay and this site and can not come up with a definitive answer on which kit to buy. All I know is that I want a 70cc (sometimes called an 80cc?) 2-stroke engine to get me at least 35 mph. I live in the prairie province of Manitoba which is fairly flat and the 44 tooth sprocket would be large enough (could probably go smaller, though this does not seem to be an option in any kit that I have seen).

I had asked one "vendor" about the difference between kits and all he could really tell me is that pretty much all 80cc engines were 70cc.

When I scan all the different available kits and the pictures that come with them, they look almost identical with the only differences being the engine mounts, sometimes the sprocket (some appear to have elongated holes) and the throttle of which some have the built-in kill switch.

I had ruled out the 4-stroke due to the size and weight (similar performance for a lot more money - would also make pedaling more difficult which is what I would be doing when out with the wife).

Currently I am looking at one user on eBay (I assume not proper to name names) who sells apparently the same quality for $80 less than another "vendor" ($199 versus $119). Shipping is $16 more and neither offer warranty outside of Canada. Oh joy. Due to the lower price, I also save on import taxes. The only difference I can see is engine mounting brackets ($80?). A local seller in Canada is selling, again what appears to be the identical kit for $360USD.

People on this site seem to get kits from all over the place with different levels of quality but I don't know that anyone has specifically stated "do not buy from this guy!". Are these engines so problematic that the extra $80+ is worth it from the one "vendor" (who seems to be very reputable) for service, keeping in mind that I get NO WARRANTY service being in Canada.

Can anyone make a recommendation?

Standard Issue

Beware of buying from Canada!

The United States passed a of ban on the importation of new
2 cycle engines in 2005. There is a possibility that your paid
for engine could get hung up in customs, and confiscated by
the powers that be. (which would be a total drag..)

I'm sure another member of this board will be able to elaborate
on the 2 stroke ban, as that's about the extent of what I know.


I bought the $199 kit on ebay, likely from the same seller that
you're seeing. Some guy up in Michigan? ...anyway, the kits was
shipped to me very quickly, and I have had no complaints, other
than incredibly cheap gaskets. Those are easy to fix and replace
though. The casting job seems quite rough, and all the rubber
components have that strong "cheap chinese rubber" smell to them,
but the engine works great and all the peices and parts that came
with the kit have been good so far!


Thanks for the feedback...and the link. (Also, I am in Canada and would therefore be importing into Canada from the US) For some reason, I kept using the search and could not find what I was looking for.

Anybody have experience with products from "applebigusa" on eBay? They too advertise as 70cc, state quality parts like a japanese bearing and are less expensive (import larger quantities perhaps?)

That is one other option I am considering over the "thatsdax" product.