What more can I ask for?

Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by sangesf, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. sangesf

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    Ok, alot of things happened over the past month..

    I have hit the 2 and a half year mark on one of my batteries and one of my motors..

    Here are the results....

    Mileage: finally reached 20,000 miles

    Front 36v (250w) motor: (Same Tire and Tube from day one. (not one flat!)

    Battery: 36v 15ah From eBay vendor "Vpower" (1C rated continuous, 2C max discharging)
    Over 1000 cycles, half of them using 12-15 out of 15Ah, the other half being between 2 and 12ah. *
    Usable AH? (as of last month-march 1st):*
    13.6ah to 95% DOD. (prolly could push it to 14.. *But that's close enough for me!)

    Controller amp usage:*
    MAX - 25a (start from dead stop)*
    Typical - 8-12a (cruising speed of 18-20mph)

    My BMS finally died last month from rain/water "damage"...

    Been charging with my Vpower charger (set at 43.8 CC/CV) to "full" for the past month (no BMS))...
    Used (via watt meter) up to a max of 12-13ah per *since last month...
    Just took charger off and for the first time in a month checked each cell group, results?:*
    EVERY CELL between 3.58v and 3.6v after 20 mins off charger..

    What else could I ask for?!?!

  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Sounds like you've got an impressive machine there, brother.

    This is good news; electrics are a great idea. Range and battery life-span are the real weakness. Apparently, though, that can be overcome.
  3. Rayde

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    How often, and for how long do you charge your battery? What's your max range roughly? Could you tell me roughly how much the entire setup would cost?