What motor?

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  1. imjakethesnake

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    i removed the motor from the motor mount and bolted in a milk crate that i cut the back off of to slim it up and so the chain and sprocket could run through the milk crate. then i placed the motor back in the mount inside of the milk crate for "stealth" look. im thinking this will draw less attention and from a distance it simply looks like a bike with a basket on it. i also have a small box muffler so its very quiet! and everything but the gas tank is hidden inside the milk crate :)

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  2. professor

    professor Active Member

    Being that you are in Florida, do you need to bother hiding it?
  3. imjakethesnake

    imjakethesnake New Member

    not really, but i may be moving to jersey or pa, and it will keep the rookies off my back here in fl im hoping haha
  4. tom80

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    I have a black gas tank cover on the go-ped tank that I use on my friction drive mb. My motor and tank is all black. Most people do not realize I have a motor on it until I take off. I also peddle start my motor and will be deleting the pull start
  5. wheelbender6

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    Nice idea. I have moved to TX and need to disguise my frame motor.