What replacement chain for 49cc Grubbee?


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Jan 11, 2020
Dear Fellow Gearheads-After my stock Grubbee bike chain failed, I replaced it with a chromed KMZ 410 chain. It has stamped on one end of the link "KMC" and on the other end "K-OE". I inadvertently ordered and received a 415 chain, only to discover that it was too wide for my early (circa 2009) motorized bike engine. I just ordered and received a KMC Z410 chain and although it has enough links, there's no master link and the one connecting link has the roller pin halfway inserted. What the heck is going on? I realize that I need a heavy duty 1/2 x 1/8" 410 chain with a master link and clip, but where the heck do I find one? This is becoming very frustrating-Appreciate any specific feedback on where to find a chromed ,heavy duty KMC 410 chain with a c-clip master link. UPDATE, I called the local Tek store and they think that what I need is a single speed BMX chain with a conventional master link.Again, appreciate any specific detailed information-Gearhead223
The common way bike chains are handled is with a chain tool to press the pins in and out. Chains also can be had with
master linke. I use a Parks tool to make endless chains. The chain you got was ready to be assembled by pressing the pin in place after the chain was sized.
Dear Sir-I just discovered that, but appreciate the feedback. Thankfully, I found the KMC original box, after a Trek employee suggested that what I had originally is a BMX/Single speed chain. The original box says KMC S410, but I ordered a KMC K710 1/2 x 18", which comes with a missing link snap together master link. Have never used one of these, so I also ordered separately a KMC Z410NP master link with the conventional spring loaded clip and plate. Any feedback on these snap together missing link designs? I'm not a big fan of any master link that needs a special tool to install, but am open to any feedback concerning this type of master link. Do the newer 80 cc motorized bike engines use a 415 size sprocket and chain? Although I've done my fair share of MB , motorized bike and 10 speed wrenching, I am amazed at the variety of chains that are out there, whether they are for a BMX, single speed, 3 speed, 10 speed or motorized bikes-gearhead223
The pull together links are easy to install, but can be a pain to unlock. Just line the halves up and pull the chain to lock The common three piece master link is easier.
The 66 cc motors commonly run 415 chain. I would assume you could do so with an engine sprocket change.
The ideal chain for the motor drive side chain is a #41. You can get them at many local farm and garden type stores such as Tractor Supply and Rural King and is generally cheaper than other options. 410 will work too.

1/2x1/8" is the wrong chain for motor drive side. That is the standard single speed bicycle chain.
I agree on the 41, I like em better than the 415. However the 410 is a bike chain and wont work unless the sprocket is the thin version found on 48cc.
Appreciate the replies. My early Grubbee 49CC uses the thin drive sprocket gear, which is why I need to stick with a 1/2 x 3/8" 410 derivative chain. Do the newer kits require a 415 chain? It took alot of research to determine that I need a beefy single speed bike/BMX chain, such as the K710-Gearhead223