what Screw M6 MM should i use for the intake screw Where the carb ges?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by stars, Aug 26, 2014.

  1. stars

    stars Member

    i provided a picture my finger is on the screw im talking about. im using 30mm screws for it. but the cap that came with the kit is does not fit because its to short. i had to replace it the whole Body so i put m6 in 30mm. i need a shorter Mm screw but don't know what to chose. any help

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  2. crassius

    crassius Well-Known Member

    lots of things come to mind, saw it off till it is same as other one, add washers till it fits, etc.
  3. butre

    butre Well-Known Member

    just saw it even with the other one
  4. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    dont worry? you got two nuts there, all that it needs. just do em up tight ;)
  5. stars

    stars Member

    ok i thought i need those same nuts on that came with the kit