what should i do

what do i do

  • give up and sell it

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  • drop more $$ into it

    Votes: 15 83.3%
  • i dont vote in polls :)

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im kind of ****ed off and dont know wat to do my bike keeps having so many problems and its really driving me nuts, yesterday i noticed a 1/4" gap in my down tube where the bolt goes thru and 3 hours later i finally git it all welded up and go for a 10 minite test ride and the bushing on the connection rod gets fried out im ready to give up and sell everything here for parts. what should i do???


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Dec 15, 2006
try again and ride it a little easier next time
these little engines will last if you are good to them
if you work them too hard, it's suicide (they self-destruct)


I feel your pain my friend:cry::censored:. I remeber the time my motor locked up, I cried. I was in a hot mosquito filled garage coverd in blood, oil gas and tears. It took a lot of help from Augi (4 hours in chat) and the rest of the group to get it running. Hugs from my kids helped a lot too.
It was a tough way to learn about thses motors and bikes, but it was good because I'm not so uneducated and "fearful" of my bike now. I've put over 300 miles on it now, the only problems now are my mistakes.
My 50cc came with bearings not bushings. I hope to goodness that my 70cc does.
Good luck and we are here for you! MBc is what got me through.;)

PS. Look in the buy/sell/trade section and see if you can find some parts.
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I agree that they absolutely self destruct if u ride them toooo hard,but even if u don't ride them too hard their still likely to get problems(problems of varying degrees)
These Happy Time kits are CHEAP...their built down to a price and not up to a standard.
My next bike(that i'm looking around for now) is going to be with a 4-stroke Honda GXH50 engine....it will cost easily twice as much but it's going to be well worth it.Small Honda 4-stroke engines have a reputation for being the best engines in the world.
Don't give up entirely...maybe keep your bike and think about putting a better engine in it.


What's love got to do with it?

Someone (not me) once said, "If it has wheels it's going to give you problems.":rolleyes:

I'm big on the 10 deep breaths solution. That, and whiskey. Hang in there brother and don't give up the ship!
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i was thinkin about givin up on the HT and droppin a 4 stroke 125 into a schwinn chopper bike but id need $ to do it


i have decided to give it 1 more chance if it blows and will cost more than $5.00 to fix it im gonna say screw it


...Try, try again.

That's the spirit brother! (except the last part.) The benefit of multiple bikes is, usually you can ride one while the other is down. Sucks lemons (How's that for cleaning it up Augie?:rolleyes:) when they're in need of work. Good luck and keep us posted, as I'm with you in spirit!

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You gotta ask yourself,"what does this bike mean to me?"

I mean is it basic transportation,or is it a fun hobby?
Of course it's both,but is it more important to get there on the cheap,or get there enjoying all life has to offer?

If you answer "Basic transportation" then you can get to work on the cheap by buying a bus pass every month and scrap the bike.
But if you answer "This is much more than just a hobby. This is a way of life." then the answer is obvious.
Dax has everything you need to get her back on the road. It could take months,it may even take years,but if you are progressing in the build,if you are getting closer to riding again,then what other joy is there?
Believe me. Once it's back on the road again,you would be so proud of yourself,the satisfaction of knowing that YOU rebuilt that little motor.
There is no other nirvana.