What SIZE engine?!!

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  1. I know the answer is VERY subjective but, being a noob, I'm still doing all the research before I plunk down the greenbacks.

    Florida has a 50cc limit on motorized bikes-legally. Now, this is where state laws and the laws of physics meet cataclysmically. I'm about 285lbs and I'm wondering if I'd be happy with one of the under-50cc engines. Not that I'm looking for ultimate speed or anything but, will it get me around adequately and, what about hills? I'll be building a cruiser type of bike and plan on doing a build thread as I go along.

    If I were to go with one of the 80/66cc engines, what are others doing to circumvent the 50cc limit? With these EPA certified engines, the tags are right on the side of the engine, showing the displacement.

    Any insights are greatly appreciated.

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    The tag on the grubee is rivited to the sprocket cove.
    The PK engines just have an epa sticker.
    Easily removed.
    Other than the size of the Cylinder and head the motors look the same.
    The only true way they could proove your engine size is if they tore it apart and measured the bore and stroke.

    Anyway i have been running a grubee gt-2b 48cc and i got alot of power out of it.
    It takes alot of patience and modification but really if you use the right size sprocket and aren't looking for high speed... both should do fine.

    I just got a 68.5 cc haven't run it yet so i don't know how much power it will have vs the 48cc
  3. Why try to cicumvent the rules and risk having your bike confiscated? A 50cc engine (or smaller) is plenty adequate if you gear it properly.
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    Make sure you ditch the stock exhaust and get an Expansion Chamber.
    With the stock exhaust they aren't too swift.
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    I am about 220#...or a little more. I have a 49.4cc Honda engine (EPA approved) and it moves me fine. I can cruise at 30 mph all day. Tops out higher than that.

    My engine in mounted in the frame on a cruiser bike.
  6. Thanks for the input guys. HoughMade, I assume that your Honda is 4-stroke? I'm not sure what difference that makes but I've always been told that a 4-stroke will have more torque.

    There's something about having that tag on the side of the Grubee engine stating that it would indeed be legal in size. Yet, there's that little voice inside me that says, "hey! yeah but look at this over here!!!" I'm torn! Torn, I tell ya! I'll probably be purchasing an engine kit in a week or two (getting bike this weekend) and I'll be running this through my head until I click the "purchase" button.

    Keep the input coming! Yes, I'll wind up doing what I want anyways but, being new at this, I'm trying to make that decision through other's wisdom.

    thanks again!
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    I guess the most important things to think about would be .....
    The laws where you live.
    How many other motorbikers are around your area.
    How much attention will you darw? "ALOT I'M SURE"
    How do you want to ride. "I started saying slow now i just cant get enough"
    How much you want to peddle before you take off.
    Will you use a jackshafte Kit.
    Can your bike handle the power. " Is it in good shape "
    How good are you at working on motors?
    If not good get a 4 Stroke.
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    one more thing to ask yerself when choosing engine size

    "how much responsibility for the motoredbiking movement's future do i own?"

    my tanaka 40cc hauls a massive amount of weight at 30mph, and there are many other (50cc or under) 2-stroke & 4-stroke engines that are already legally-labeled and will do the job just fine.
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    Forgot to add that one.
    Anyway i don't see the motoredbikes going out.
    Being banned.
    These new EPA REQ.s affect all 2 cycles.
    Not just HT's

    So tell me whats better for the community........

    Ride slow get run over and killed by a impatient CAGER.
    Have enough power to get outta the way.

    I run a 48cc so i am leagal.
    I can get outta the way and yes have plenty of pull.

    But like my wife allways says.

    Rich you are a genius when it comes to complicated things........
    You struggle with simple stuff......
    You are a genius with no common sense.

    Sometimes i have to agree with her.

    No matter what if there is something bigger out there and it will fit sooner or later your gonna get it.

    That little devil on my shoulder never stops.

    So is that bad.


    Just because a car can go over 100 MPH you don't see everyone and there brother doing it.

    I like to have extra power if i need it.
    Dosen't mean it has to be abused.

    Dosen't make me illegal.

    Gives me an engine that i don't have to push to the max to feel satisfied.

    Anyway the 60cc won't rev as high so isn't even as fast as the 48cc.
    At least thats what ive heard.

    But the bottom line here is not the engine you choose its how you gear it that counts.
    We could put one of thosse CY29RC 29CC wayyy legal in size engines on a bike and i bet you coult top out at 60MPH or BETTER.

    So does size really matter.......

    It does if your the little guy. LOL
  10. I hear what you guys are saying. Without getting into the morals of things, I was mainly curious about how the smaller engine would work moving this lunk of meat around. I don't need speed, I like torque. :devilish:

    It sounds like the 48cc engine should do just fine. Plus, if anything bad were to happen, I wouldn't have to explain anything.
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    MAB = motor assisted bicycle.

    How fast can you pedal an unmotorized bike? Stick with the regs and be clean with that, under 50cc and as someone mentioned up-thread, proper gearing is your solution to sufficient applied power.
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    I'm over 300 pounds, & a Mitsubishu TLE43 pushes me around just fine. (The TLE series are two stroke, and they meet CARBII and EPA emissions even without a catalytic converter, so, they should be fine.)