what size was the old racer bikes.

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  1. Hey
    I was thinking what size bikes where the old racers. Where they like size 20'
    I would think if they raced 26' that would been to high of a lift for a racer as I look into the new racer motor bikes.
    What do you all think about useing a older 20' bike.
    May like the bodys off of lowrider sites or something like that Ebay atc..

  2. Racers VS little bitty modern bikes

    Hi they used 26x2.125, and 28x3" that I know of, no little tiny modern stuff. STD bicycle wheel of the day was 28x1.5 I sell those tires, but not wheels. I have seen a few Racers in person, and many in pics, Remember, that the engines were 16-20" tall themselves! nothing like the tiny "Happy Time" type of engine whatsoever. If you are interested, I can post a few Racers, tho I will do it in "Heratage Lane" here on this board. Let me know,
  3. motoschwinn

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    I'd love to see those pictures Mike.
  4. Board track bike pics

    HI I bumped my Model 09 thread in Heratage lane with 2 pics of the 09 after the Whiz-in, and 2 pics of a stunning 8-valve indian, I will post more pics there.
  5. Hey Mike. It was nice chating with you over the phone by the way. Feel free if you would like to call me up. =)
    Go for it and post them photos up. I would like to see them..
  6. I was thinking whan I was at work.
    If I was to go with the 20' litte hippy bike and hooked up the hub to the back the 40 something teeth word it give it more power. I seen a fraem that was 20 but long bars looks to been 1 bike cut and added to a more bike. I need to cut and post some pics if I can get back to that site...
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    You can go to the Coker tire website and look for white rubber tires in the "motorcycle tires" section, and see the tire sizes that existed: 24, 26 and 28 inches tall, the larger two came in 2.5 and 3" wide, the 24 was 2" and 2.125".

    There's also a white 20" size lurking in there too, I have no clue what that might have been used on, but Coker doesn't make BMX tires--so it isn't going to fit on a current 20" BMX wheel.



    I don't know any other company that does reproduction antique tires as Coker does.... And I have read forum posts online of people in Europe and Austrailia who have old cars and cycles, and they have to send away to Coker (in the USA) to get tires for them--so Coker might be the only place left to buy a lot of these sizes.