What speedometer are you using?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by mmachine, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. mmachine

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    I tried a Bell wireless that failed to operate properly and thus returned it.

    Bought an old style cable speedo on eBay that will work on my cruiser but
    not my mountain bike.

    What speedos have you used that work as advertised?

    Please give details like wired, wireless, cable, brand?

  2. roddy4477

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    My two cents, I have used a bell from wally world about 1200 miles on it, on two bikes. i checked by going around a section ( 4 miles ) to verify that it was accurate. any way i am happy with it.:helmet::grin5:
  3. jtmiyake

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  4. arceeguy

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    I get those 9 dollar Schwinn digital speedometers at Wal Mart.
  5. Ghost0

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    Cheap Schwinn for me too, just don't go wireless and change your plug wire and you should be good to go.
  6. mmachine

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    Perhaps I had a bad Bell?

    "Don't go wireless and change spark plug wire"

    This makes sense to me (wireless) because the Bell worked till I trottled the
    engine then it would only read 0.0. I have a 4 stroke is the spark plug wire
    still important?

    $9 sounds great, it would be the cheapest addition on the bike.
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  7. javelina1

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    I have three Cateye Enduro 8's. they work solid.
  8. Ghost0

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    Plug wire is not an issue with the 4 strokes as the ignition is usually not as noisy(EMI) as the 2 stroke.
  9. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    have a cheapo wireless bell from wal-mart on my GEBE townie. No problems yet.
  10. kerf

    kerf Guest

    Whizzer chrome mechanical, wanted the retro look and it's accurate. Cost a little more but you get......................
  11. mmachine

    mmachine Member

    want the Whizzer

    Would love to have the Whizzer chrome mech for my cruiser, got any
    idea where to find one?
  12. Zev0

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    Whizzer chrome mechanical, wanted the retro look and it's accurate. Cost a little more but you get......................

    I got mine from Motorbikemike. Got over 2500 miles on it now and it never wiggles or jumps. Reads steady as a rock.
  13. Turtle Tedd

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    Bought a Pyramid mechanical old school looking speedo today $18.00.will see how it works tomorrow
  14. mmachine

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    got the Schwinn

    Bought the Schwinn, it's 10 bucks in my neighborhood and it works well.

    Easy setup too. The Bell wouldn't hold any of the initial settings must have
    be broken right out of the package.

    Thanks for all the input.
  15. lordoflightaz

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    Cateye Velo 5s on 2 stroke. Only wish they had a light so I could check my speed at night. There are ferrite chokes you can put on the wires to eliminate emi, which may help.
  16. jimraysr

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    Sigma 1606 L

    I use a Sigma 1606 L which is wired as I had seen the notes of ignition interference with some wireless ones plus I only need one battery (CR 2032).

    The Sigma has a night light and shows, trip miles, total miles, average speed, max. speed, and can be used on two different bikes with a second base and sensors.

    It doesn't leave much to mess with when you slide the computer off its base. I got it on line from an outfit in San Diego for $20 - $25? I did find a couple of other ones that had night lights, so they are out there.

    For night riding I generally use a small 1 watt LED head / helmet light. It was less than $5 at Big Five Sporting Goods. Runs on 3 - AAA batteries, has an elastic head band and one over the top, both adjustable. The light angle is adjustable. Runs for hours. Using it, you would not need a lighted speedo or have to take your hand off a grip to actuated the light.

    At my age, eye sight isn't what it was when I was younger so I kinda went all out on a headlight. It is a Topeak 10 or 7 watt HID carbon arc. Runs 5 plus hours on its Lit-Ion rechargeable battery. Very wide beam which reaches out a long way. Has an amber lens to use in town so you won't blind the cagers. Some of our main bike paths are on the banks of irrigation canals. Water is 4' plus deep and 30 to 40' wide. Don't want to come up on something you didn't see and dump into the water to avoid a collision. The good news is most are paved and some have under passes for major streets. As they run at an angle to the streets, you can cut across and save time and distance.

    Sorry, got carried away there. )


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  17. seanhan

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    The 9 dollor Schwinn also, Works quite well
  18. Porkchop

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    Click on the link below. Amazon.com has a Schwinn for $10.00. I saw this same speedo at my local Academy Sports yesterday for $25.00. I've been using one of these for years and it seems to be good and dependable. NOTE: it has a back light so you can read it in the dark. However, I'm building a 1972Schwinn Collegiate. I'm looking for a vintage Schwinn speedo. Anyone got any links for one ?
  19. jimraysr

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    Schwinn Spedo

    I forgot, I have one of those on the electric scooter we carry when we camp, it is a good value, but I don't think ours had the temperature readout. That is handy.


  20. Just_Gasit

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    Same here, it's the wired type. It did reset itself at times first but I relocated the CDI to under the fuel tank and it hasn't done it since.