What style of bike is best?

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  1. jar50972

    jar50972 New Member

    Hi, and thanks for looking at my thread.

    I am trying to create a MB (obviously :p). The first step is to find a bike. I just want to make it easy as possible, with no frame mods or anything or custom mounts. From what I've read and searched on this forum, it seems "Diamond-style mountain bikes" are the best.

    Now I'm a cheap b*****d, so I'm checking craigslist to find a bike under 50 bucks. I see some diamond style bikes around here, but I'm not exactly sure what makes a bike "motor-ready" I've found 3 bikes which I thought would be the right style.

    The blue is 24" frame,

    black is 26",
    and purply-blue is unknown size.
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  2. DJ Raizer

    DJ Raizer New Member

    Bikes with ~1" tubes are nice because the motor mounts don't require any modification to fit... Most modern mountain bikes have larger frame tubes which can be tough to mount to... the ROADSTAR in your image looks perfect. EDIT: *ROADMASTER
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    JVROOM Member

    I have the same question, which one is the roadstar? Is that the 24 inch frame? So as I finish this piece of c#$% I'm working, I've got enough stuff to make another one, which I hope I can complete easily, and I can sell to recover some of my pain. Thanks a lot for everyone's help, John
  4. Samdallas214

    Samdallas214 Member

    Look like any of the 3 will work, I thank blue 26" bike would be the best though.
    The main thing is the space in the middle of the frame where you mount the motor, the more you have the better in most cases, some bikes the motor will fit but real close.
    This is a great place for newbies, and take it from me check out the vendor area and check the vendor reviews so you know a good dealers from a the bad ones. I did not do that and almost got ripped off by eBay's boygofast.

    Also on your post you got the black bike under the 26" picture and the blue bike under the 24" picture I thank they are supposed to be the other way around. I thought I was the only one that put thing backwards lol
    Good luck and welcome to the form
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  5. jar50972

    jar50972 New Member

    Thanks for the quick reply. Why do you think the blue would work out better than the purple? It seems the purple bike has a larger opening? Or is that not the reason?

    Thanks for the working about BGF, I was looking at them. I've seen your post about your horrible experience, and it made me think twice.
    Still, I'm considering BoyGoFast or BikeBerry for the engine.
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  6. jar50972

    jar50972 New Member

    Why would you say the ROADMASTER as opposed to the blue one? BTW, the price difference is negliable, with the blue bike costing $29, and the purple ROADMASTER costing $35. I will email both to find out more details

    EDIT: Turns out they are being sold by the same person! I guess I can check out both at the same time? Should I print out the engine template thing and bring it along with me?
  7. DJ Raizer

    DJ Raizer New Member

    I can almost guarantee you an HT will fit in any of those frames... the 24" might be tight but DONT TAKE MY WORD. Anything you can do to measure or test fit will save you alot of headache down the road. I considered three frames for my build... any of them would have worked. Just find a frame that fits your style, fits the kit, and is in good condition.

    EDIT: One thing to watch out for in particular is the clearance between the crank arms and your crankcase. Wide cranks can be had for pretty cheap, but mountain bikes typically have multi-piece cranks that can be a bit pricy to replace with a wider set.
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  8. Cali-Rider

    Cali-Rider Member

    The second two looked like they had more clearance to me. What you really need to do is buy the motor kit first and take it with you when you inspect the bikes to see if it fits.
  9. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    Just make sure it has disk brakes - that's the most important thing to consider, then upgrade the brakes with Avid BB7 calipers and either a Shimano 8 inch front disk or preferably a Hayes 9 inch front disk. The rear 6 inch disk is perfectly sized for maintaining good front/rear brake bias, particularly with a Hayes 9 inch front disk.
  10. jar50972

    jar50972 New Member

    From what I've been reading, it seems that disk brakes are unnecessary for the riding I will be doing. I live in a HUGE development, with no pedestrians, and the occasional car on the main road. I won't go faster than 25mph, for safety and legal concerns. Also, none of the above bikes appear to have dsik brakes, all V-style.
  11. jar50972

    jar50972 New Member

    Crankset is the the thing that the chain is turned around, and the arms are what the pedals are connected to, correct?
  12. DJ Raizer

    DJ Raizer New Member

    Correct, if you don't have enough space between your crank arms, they won't clear the bottom of the engine. I would also strongly recommend reading ALL of the newbie threads pertaining to a first time bike build. There are a TON of simple and inexpensive modifications that you can do to a Happytime motor and your bike to make a first build MUCH more durable, safe, and enjoyable.
    Personally I think that Locktite is a bike builders best friend.
  13. BchCruizer

    BchCruizer New Member

    Go with a beach cruiser.you dont need gears your gonna have an engine. beach cruisers are alot more comfortable and laid back..they look sleaker to..check out mine its comfortable ride!
  14. jar50972

    jar50972 New Member

    Wow, your bike looks very nice. I wouldn't mind a beach cruiser at all, but I frequently read here that cruisers are more dangerous because they are made to go 10-12mph, and obivously with a motor, you will be going double that. Also, I thought you need a custom mount because of the curvy frames??

    Anyway, today I went to look at the purple-blue ROADMASTER. I get to the guys house (30 minute drive), and he shows me the bike. It was in pretty decent shape, (a little rust, nothing to worry about) and for $35, it was amazing deal. So as I'm getting ready to pay, I just confirm the final price of $35.

    The **** then says "oh, that's just a price I put on the ad so people come and check it out. It actually costs $80."
    I'm thinking I could just go to WallyWorld and get a brand new bike for $80. I actually walk straight out the guys garage, not saying a single word. He even has the audacity to say "arent you going to buy it"

    So my hunt continues.
  15. BchCruizer

    BchCruizer New Member

    I haven't had any issues and i have 10,000miles on that bike. I have changed the rear rim to one with 13gauge spokes though..unless you buy a $300 bike your gonna end up getting better rims anyways..the thin gauge spokes just dont cut it for me..
  16. jar50972

    jar50972 New Member

    Just a little update, I found my bike. It's a city-bike, or hybrid mountain-road bike. It was 20 bucks. The frame is huge!
    The only thing I'm worried about is the thin tires. They are like mountain bike tires though.
    I guess step 2 is to paint it. And finally step 3 is the engine!

    Anyone see any problems with it?
  17. BchCruizer

    BchCruizer New Member

    what gauge spokes does that bike have. I recommend atleast 13gauge rear rim. I have had tires fold in half on mountain bikes with thin rims and spokes.
  18. jar50972

    jar50972 New Member

    Not sure of the guage size. I guess Ill have to break out the measurement tool. Can rims really fold in half though?? Or is that at high speeds eg. greater than 35mph

    As for the motor, I've chosen the Z2-80BK HT by BoyGoFast. God Bless America
  19. Samdallas214

    Samdallas214 Member

    Look fine to me, I have thin tires I have no problem with them.
  20. jar50972

    jar50972 New Member

    Got my paint and primer, currently taking the bike apart. I need to find a chain delinker or what ever as the chain is stuck in the frame.
    Also, the entire front derailleur is gone.