What style seat for your donkey??

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    The bike i got had a very narrow seat with little padding so i bought the wide donkey style(if you know what i mean).it seems good but has a material that grabs smooth may be better--unfortunately i sold my Brooks saddle with my previous ride.
    What do you guys use for long distance?

  2. I have a Bell seat on my bike, I think this is the one you are talking about being grabby. Now some of the cover is wearing off. My other bike had an Avenier seat and it was far superior to the bell, cost more too.
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    This is the seat that i have found to be good on long rides.
    Cloud 9 Comfy Cruiser Gel Sofa Bicycle Seat.
    I biught the one i have on ebay for $35.00 delivered.
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  7. Esteban, to funny.
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    I like loquin's pick. Easy release of fumes.
    All joking aside ive heard good reviews from people who own them.
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    They're very comfy. However, some folks have a hard time getting used to the fact that there's no 'horn' to help control the bike. I've never really had a problem, but, it takes a few days to get used to 'em.
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    You should see " Jackee " , the jakkazz , chasing a coyote !!

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    My family (3) right now has a total of 10 bikes and any bike that we might do distance on has a Selle SMP. The cheapest of these can be had for around $75 and the most expensive runs over $400. What separates these from other designs is the open area in the center which relieves pressure on the perineum. You know, the part where nerves and blood flow to your dangly bits.:whistling: Anyway, for those who ride distances (more than 20mi) this is a real boon in preventing penile numbness and worse.:tt1: This is just one version:
    My wife and I ride a couple like this and my son (hard core racer) rides one of the super lite carbon versions that I got a deal on on ebay.

    There are a bunch of reviews here:


    And a bunch of comparisons of the different models here:


    Before anyone even says anything like "those are more $$ that my bike frame" just compare those $$ to how much you like your dangly bits.
    Hope that helps someone, Steve
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    I ride on a lot of bumpy brick roads..have old boney butt...origional seat on stock Schwinn Del Mar was killer.....bought Cloud-9, 10 1/2 inch seat (has horn) and compression post..now I can do 30miles ..no problem
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    lovehamr,,do you actually sit on that or is it just for looks?
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    I've never been totally happy with a bike seat (skinny old guy), Easy Seat looks like its worth a try.