What syle fenders?

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    I am a newbie and I am restoring a Whizzer that my wife's grandmother gave me. Right now I am looking for fenders and don't know where to start. I want to try and stay original or close to it. I have attached a photo. Is the bike a Schwinn S4? Do I look for Whizzer fenders or Schwinn fenders? and where should I look? Next will be rims, any help on those would be appreciated. Thanks

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  2. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi JBurlewski,
    I will gladly help you identify & locate any parts you need. I have a rather large collection of original NOS Whizzer parts, and offer some for sale. Some parts I am not willing to sell, but I can put you in contact with other collectors to supply any parts you may need.

    99.9% of all vintage parts can be found; in fact it is easier to find parts for the vintage Whizzers compared to the new edition versions [1999 to 2009].

    After looking at the picture of your bike, I doubt it is a WZ/S4 Schwinn. All WZ & S4 Schwinn had the frame "crimped" to clear the rear belt, and 99% had the extended brake arm. All had the HD spring on the front forks, front Schwinn brake, and factory bent pedal crank arms. Most had 12 ga [.105”] spokes with S-2 rims, however some had the 11 ga [.120”] spokes. Another clue is to look at the fender cutout for the belt; the WZ & S4 had a complete section removed to clear the belt, whereas modified fenders [as per the instructions in the kit] had 2 cutouts to clear the belt. All WZ & S4's were maroon with ivory trim. The maroon turns to a rusty looking brown over a long time, however the bottom of the fenders, inside the frame [steering frame tube, pedal crank housing, etc], inner chain guard, and any area covered up will maintain the vibrant maroon color.

    From the picture, you appear to have a really nice Whizzer to start with and the majority of the parts are correct, such as the tank, Tillitson shut-off glass bowl, controls, motor, clutch, clutch handle, wheels, front forks, seat, belt sheave, etc. The bike also has the Schwinn front brake, which is worth large sums of money. Almost all WZ & S4 parts will fit your bike, and are available, if you wanted to “restore” it to that version.

    You can use the serial number [under the pedal crank housing] to determine the year, if made during or after 1948 [factory burned down and records were lost prior to 1948].

    The serial numbers of the motor will also “narrow” down the year of the Whizzer. The serial number will start with the letter “H”. If lower than 120XXX the motor will have ¼” head bolts, if later it will have 5/16” head bolts.

    There are several “suspect” parts, such as the rear stand doesn’t look Whizzer, the pedal crank arms look to be bent “different”, and the exhaust manifold is from a later model [“300” and up] motor. The “correct” rear stand is available. The cast iron exhaust manifold, used on the “H” & “J” motors is available. And the pedal crank assemble is easy to find and bend correctly.

    I only know of one part, difficult to find, and it is the Torrington needle bearing in the side cover. Torrington stopped making it many years ago, and the supply is running low. All gaskets, seals, bearings [not including the Torrington needle bearing], lifters, heads, bolts, camshaft, points, condenser, manifolds pistons, rings, valves, valve springs, wrist pin, etc are currently available. If the crankshaft needs rebuilt, there are several collectors to chose from.

    Lets get started!!!!!!!!!

    Have fun,
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    Thanks for the reply and the helpful information. The serial number on the motor is H54435 and the serial number on the bike is C14945. It appears someone had spray painted the bike red but underneath the spray paint in certain areas you can clearly see the maroon and ivory original paint.

    Do you have any fenders for this bike? If not can you point me in the right direction? It is obiviously missing the front fender and the rear fender is in bad shape but fixable. What I have seen online it doesn't look like you can buy just a front fender they always come in the pair but I'm not sure if I was even looking at the right ones. Also the gas tank is rusted through in one corner of the tank, do you think something like can be fixed?

    Would autocycle parts not fit or be correct for this bike? and what is the NES and NOS that I keep seeing. I plan to restore the bike first and then move on to the motor. Thanks again for your help.
  4. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi JBurlewski,

    Frame serial number indicates 1947. Motor was produced approx. Jan 1947.

    The majority of my fender collection is NOS or chrome, and neither would help your project. The NOS fenders are worth up to $500.00 per set, and the chrome are not correct for your build.

    NOS means New Old Stock [60++ year old new parts].

    Fenders can be purchased from Memory Lane Classics in Ohio. You might consider replacing the rear and the missing front as a set. [talk to Harvey if possible]


    NE is the motor series for the New Edition Whizzers from 2005 to 2008.

    You should try to fix the tank if possible as they are costly and hard to find in good condition. I would suggest a raditor repair shop for the repair.

    Have fun,
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    I'm getting ready to purchase those fenders but I'm still confused on what model of Schwinn frame I have. I really like the the front headlight of the phantom. I want to stay correct to the build and am wondering if I build it as a phantom if that would be correct. I have a 1957 Chevy Cameo pick up and plan to show the Whizzer with the truck. It would be pretty neat if I could possibly win an award or two for the Whizzer, so I want to stay original. Any ideas? Thanks. Also do you have the fenders I need if not I will contact Memory Lane.
  6. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi JBurlewski,

    The frame is used on several Schwinn models, and could easily be set up as a B6, or Phantom and the front fender light would be considered correct. If you set it up as a Phantom then you could consider using chrome fenders. I have several with the front fender light and I can tell you the vibration of the motor often causes the light to malfunction.

    Because of cost, you might consider buying the fenders from Memory Lane, and if you decide to go the Phantom option they would most likely have a set in stock.

    Most original Schwinns made for the Whizzer motor [WZ S4] had painted fenders [maroon], but the Phantom mostly used chrome.

    Have fun,
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    JB your Whizzer is GREAT !
    I'll look forward to seeing progress pics!